最果テ幻想花 | saihate gensouka | Illusionary Flower of World’s End

Requested by Kii, ahh 3L’s voice is gorgeous. It seems like this character brought upon the end of the world so that she could see these flowers that would bloom there, whether that’s metaphorical or not, you decide! But, in return, she carries this as her grave sin, and even loses the person she was waiting for.

Notes: 「何時から 摘み取る」 translates literally as “From what time will I pluck out/pick out/nip off” but that sounds real weird in English, no matter how you look at it, when it’s just that. Considering the songs mentioned scars left by thorns in the stanza before it, I interpreted it to be those that she’d be picking out (from herself).
「細い手を伸ばして縋る」 doesn’t say what she’s hanging on to, but it’s implied she’s supporting herself up as evidenced by the following line.

★ Title: 最果テ幻想花
☆ Album: Former Frontier 3rd Germinate
★ Album Artist: Seventh Heaven MAXION (セブンスヘブンMAXION)
☆ Vocals: 3L
★ Lyrics: MAKI
☆ Arrangement: kenya
★ Original Title: End of the World ~ World’s End (世界の果て ~ World’s End)
Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being)
☆ Website: http://shm.jpn.org/


誰も識らない 視てもない
この世界の果て どんな場所で
目にする景色は 何色の花が咲き乱れてるの?

dare mo shiranai mite mo nai
kono sekai no hate donna basho de
me ni suru keshiki wa nani iro no hana ga saki midareteru no?

Just where is it at? The end of the world
Nobody is aware, and neither will they look
Seen in the scenery there, what colour are the flowers blooming?

黒い空を赤く濁し 二度と再現出来ないパターン
幾重ものcontingency ah

kuroi sora o akaku nigoshi nido to saigen dekinai pataan
ikue mono contingency ah

I cloud the dark sky with red – a pattern that can never reappear again
A contingency of many layers, ah

後の世に 深く刻む禍根
深く積もる見えぬ祈り 今も誰かの声が ah

nochi no yo ni fukaku kizamu kakon
fukaku tsumoru mienu inori ima mo dare ka no koe ga ah

Ages later on, the roots of evil will be deeply engraved
Unseen prayers will densely pile up, even now, somebody’s voice goes ah

闇に響くそんな スティグマの世界に

yami ni hibiku sonna sutiguma no sekai ni

in the dark, ringing out, at that world of stigma

命が生まれ 消え行く定めは希薄
たとえそれでも 他とどう違うの?
色取り取りの 出会いと別れもあるのよ
世界の果てで 私 今でも貴方の影を待つ

inochi ga umare kie yuku samade wa kihaku
tatoe sore demo hoka to dou chigau no?
iro toridori no deai to wakare mo aru no yo
sekai no hate de watashi ima demo anata no kage o matsu

Life is meant to be born and then to fade away – that fate is lacking
but even given all that, how is that different from anything else?
There will be many colours of meetings and partings as well
Even now at the end of the world, I’m still waiting for your shadow

遥か遠い声に怯え 耳を塞ぎ走り抜ける
誰も咎めないから ah

haruka tooi koe ni obie mimi o fusagi hashiri nukeru
dare mo togamenai kara ah

Becoming scared of the distant voice, you close your ears and run away
because there’s nobody around to blame, ah

いつかきっと君は 振り返る日がくる

itsu ka kitto kimi wa furi kaeru hi ga kuru

Surely, someday, the day when you’ll turn back around will come

小さな棘が つける傷はとても微細
自分の手では 止められない

chiisa na toge ga tsukeru kizu wa totemo bisai
nijimu chi ya mawaru doku ga wazuka demo
yukkuri yukkuri nagare deru namida wa mou
jibun no te de wa tomerarenai

The scars left by the small thorns are very minute
Even though there’s little blood and there’s hardly any poison
I can’t stop them anymore with these hands of mine
these tears from slowly flowing out, not anymore

何時から 摘み取る
それが自然で 自分の脚で立つ事を忘れたの
裸足の裏に感じる 痛みこそ
生の証明 罪と昏迷 咎の糾明
何を信じ 何を求め 両の脚で 二つの眼で

itsu kara tsumi toru
hosoi te o nobashite sugaru
sore ga shizen de jibun no ashi de tatsu koto o wasureta no
hadashi no ura ni kanjiru itami koso
sei no shoumei tsumi to konmei toga no kyuumei
nani o shinji nani o motome ryou no ashi de futatsu no me de
saku hana no iro o mireba ii

When will I start picking out these thorns?
I extend my thin arms and cling on to what I can
That’s only natural, I’ve forgotten how to stand on my own legs
The pain I feel on the soles of my bare feet
That’s the proof of my life; My crime and confusion; Examinations of offenses
What do I believe? What do I seek? On both of my legs, with the two of my eyes
I just want to look at the colours of the blooming flowers

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