Wall of Flowers


Originally translated a year and a half ago, but because I was (and still somewhat am) unsure about the final line, I never published it. This and Creme de franboise are my favourites of the album, though it took a while for this one to grow on me.

☆ Title: Wall of Flowers
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 9
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: mikicco
☆ Lyrics: ayame
★ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
☆ Original: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl (ハルトマンの妖怪少女)
★ Website: http://alst.net/

何度も繰り返しても 暗闇が目を覆う
思い通りにならない 逃げたのは私

nando mo kuri kaeshitemo kurayami ga me o oou
omoidoori ni naranai nigeta no wa watashi

No matter how much I try, darkness veils my eyes
Things won’t go the way I want them to – The one who ran away was me

風が吹く空は どこまでも青く
見えなくなるまで 羽ばたくの 遠く 遠く

kaze ga fuku sora wa doko made mo aoku
mienaku naru made habataku no tooku tooku

Wind blowing throughout, the sky is completely blue
Until I can’t be seen, I’m going to fly far far away

君が羨ましい だから弱くもなる 届かないよ

kimi ga urayamashii dakara yowaku mo naru todokanai yo

I envy you, which also makes me weak
I’m not going to make it

千切れる腕の痛みも 忘れたと言い聞かせ

chigireru ude no itami mo wasureta to ii kikase
ima nara yari naoseru no? nan ni datte naru yo

I tell myself that I’ve forgotten the pain of my arm being torn off
Maybe now, I could try again? I’ll become whatever I need to be

夜に咲く花は 人知れず泣いて
光の落ちない 月の下 輝いてる

yoru ni saku hana wa hito shirezu naite
hikari no ochinai tsuki no shita kagayaiteru

The flower that blooms at night cries in secret
Shining underneath the moon, where the light doesn’t fall

そんな当たり前に きっとなりたかった 戯言だね

sonna atarimae ni kitto naritakatta zaregoto da ne

I wanted to look stern, as if it was natural
What a joke


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