I have a lot of requests already to catch up on, so I hope you’ll understand.

I figured it would be nice to make a list of songs I plan to do in the future to keep things a bit organized.

Notes: List is subject to change. Requests are on a first come first serve basis, though added priority is given to those who haven’t requested before. Song length and difficulty will factor in as well.

Request List


A・MA・NO・JYA・KU (Hazelnuts) (Lyrics needed)

White Elephant

艶冶爛漫カミカクシ (Mogumogu) (Lyrics needed)

Pizuya’s Cell

プリズムループ (Awoo Music)


Rootus (Idan) (Lyrics needed)
Trail of Dust (Idan)


源流懐古 (Nohd)


sweet sigh (Niniva Chan)


Soar (Apolo)


悪意と愛のすきまのパズル (Idan)


羊虫 (Lost track of name)


桜月 (Alex)


Step (Terra Celica)

Overflow (Terra Celica)

31 thoughts on “Queue

  1. Hi Amen,

    I guess this is the first time requesting a translation…

    Could you translate 永遠の水面 from EastNewSound (in the album Sprout Intention)?

    Here is a video with the romaji and kanji lyrics (I think there are a few parts in the romaji that do not match the song):

    Thank you! ^^

  2. Hi! Beware for my first ever request for you, assuming you’re okay with that.

    Title: セルフ・トーキング 或いは 魔女というガラクタによる魂の在り処へ
    Album: 喜劇機械、もしくはジェーン・ドゥたちによるパラー (Reitaisai 12)
    Group: 凋叶棕

    Lyrics (with romanization by Tegamin): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36923413/Lyrics/self%20talking.txt
    At the end there is also a lot of repeated “watashi wa anata/anata wa watashi”.

      • Sorry! I have been a bit busy lately, and there are indeed a lot of requests (which sometimes causes me to become demotivated), but I can say that I will do it eventually, and I do tend to give priority to those who have never made a request before.
        If you don’t want to wait, I don’t blame you. You can find other lovely translators to ask in the sidebar.

      • I was just working on this today, but I came across a line that seemed very likely to be a typo in the transcription (that would greatly change the meaning). Of course, sometimes artists like to bend the rules and such, so I can’t be entirely sure. I don’t have the scans, personally, so until I can confirm this, I’ll have to put the request on hold. I think I know somebody who has them, but it seems like she won’t be home until mid-October, so it might be a bit of a wait. Sorry for the delay!

        Edit: The scans came in earlier than I expected, and it turns out my suspicion was correct. I should have the translation finished soon.

  3. Will requesting the same song which has been requested before increase its priority two-fold? Because I really want to see すぐ傍にある未来 get translated

    • Don’t worry, I’ve been planning to do that one before any others anyway. I just need to pull myself together and stop slacking off.

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