Star Connect

Decided to translate this one, what with the release of Alstroemeria x Amateras album released lately. Of course, that means I’ll have to do Alice Maestera I suppose.

★ Title: Star Connect
☆ Album: Infinity Asterisk
★ Album Artist: Amateras Records
☆ Vocals: KUMI (Wotamin(ヲタみん))
★ Lyrics: Kaito (海兎)
☆ Arrangement: Tracy
★ Original Title: Faith is for the Transient People (信仰は儚き人間の為に)
☆ Website:

誰も知らない この場所で

mujaki ni waratta hibi wa mou
nido to konai mama
dare mo shiranai kono basho de
kimi o sagashiteru

The days when I smiled without a single bad thought
will never come again
In this place that nobody knows
I’m searching for you

この空は 何処までも続くの

kono sora wa doko made mo tsudzuku no
omoide ni kawaru made
shinjiru koto ga daiji da to
ii kikase aruki dasu

This sky expands as far the eye can see
Until becoming a memory
I walk forth and say that
believing is important

舞い降りた幻想に 浮かぶ奇跡は一度きりで
指切りしよう 忘れない 君と交わした約束を

mai orita gensou ni ukabu kiseki wa ichido kiri de
yubikiri shiyou wasurenai kimi to kawashita yakusoku o

The floating miracle in the fantasy that swept down is a one time thing
Let’s pinky promise, I will never forget the promise I exchanged with you

変わる 少しづつ

shiranai sekai o uke irete
kawaru sukoshi zutsu
koko de watashi ga dekiru koto
imi o mitsukeyou

Accepting this unknown world
little by little I change
Let’s discover the meaning
of what I can do here


hoshiboshi ga rensa shite hajiketa
kirameki wa owaranai
shinjiru koto de miete kuru
gensou o daki shimete

The stars chain and bursted open
The sparkles don’t end
I embrace the fantasy that I have
come to see through faith

願い事一つだけ 君に伝えてみたかったよ
そんな奇跡は 夢でいい 今は笑っていたいのに

negaigoto hitotsu dake kimi ni tsutaete mitakatta yo
sonna kiseki wa yume de ii ima wa waratteitai noni

I only have a single wish, I wanted to try telling it to you
It’s fine if that miracle is a dream, I just want to stay smiling now though

君と見ていた あの空は今も変わらない気がしてた
変わる世界と変わらない想い いつか又会えるよ

kimi to miteita ano sora wa ima mo kawaranai ki ga shiteta
kawaru sekai to kawaranai omoi itsu ka mata aeru yo

I got the feeling that the sky I saw with you hasn’t changed even now
The changing world and unchanging feelings, we’ll be able to meet again someday

舞い降りた幻想に 浮かぶ奇跡受け入れることで
信じることができたから 君と交わした約束を

mai orita gensou ni ukabu kiseki uke ireru koto de
shinjiru koto ga dekita kara kimi to kawashita yakusoku o

By accepting the floating miracle in the fantasy that swept down
I managed to have faith after all, in the promise I exchanged with you


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