Very interesting opening to the track. While I think this song has a lot going for it, I also think it’s missing some sort of big payoff.

★ Title: 7thHVN
☆ Album: 4Q8Q
★ Album Artist: ZYTOKINE
☆ Vocals: cold kiss (Nana Takahashi (高橋 菜々))
★ Arrangement and lyrics: Linjin (隣人)
☆ Original Title: Last Occultism (ラストオカルティズム)
★ Website: http://zytokine-web.com/


tsukami dokoro no nai shinkirou
chigau sekai e izanau kagi

An elusive mirage
A key beckoning me to a different world

想いを馳せて 滲んだ夢
静かに 手を伸ばす

omoi o hasete nijinda yume
shizuka ni te o nobasu

Letting my mind run wild, my dream became blurred
Quietly I reach my hand out for it

懐かしい夢の 続きを話そう
とても不思議だね ハッピーエンドなのに
哀しくて 哀しくて 涙が止まらない

natsukashii yume no tsudzuki o hanasou
kirei de yasashii sekai no otogibanashi
totemo fushigi da ne happii endo nanoni
kanashikute kanashikute namida ga tomaranai

Let’s talk about what comes after the dreams from our childhoods
Fairy tales about pretty and kind worlds
It’s very strange, even though they end happily,
I’m sad, so sad that the tears won’t stop

近いのに遠く 沁みる痛み

chikai noni tooku shimiru itami
chigau inori ni takushita uso

A close, yet distant, stinging pain
Deceit committed to different wishes

寄せては返す 沈んだ夢
今では 手に余る

yosete wa kaesu shizunda yume
ima de wa te ni amaru

Dreams that sunk after riding the waves
At this point they’re too much for me

擦り切れた夢の 奏でるストーリー
なのに不思議だね ハッピーエンドなのに
苦しくて 苦しくて 涙が止まらない

suri kireta yume no kanaderu sutoorii
yuuki to kibou de afureta otogibanashi
nanoni fushigi da ne happii endo nanoni
kurushikute kurushikute namida ga tomaranai

Musical stories of worn out dreams
Fairy tales that overflowed with hope and courage
Yet it’s strange, even though they end happily,
it hurts, it hurts so much that the tears won’t stop

この手で 積み上げてきた夢
哀しく 眼をそらす

kono te de tsumi agete kita yume
kanashiku me o sorasu

All the dreams that I built up with my own hands
I avert my eyes from sadly

傷ついた夢が 砕け散った跡に
独り 残された最後のおとぎ話
望んでたはずの ハッピーエンドなのに
嬉しくて 嬉しくて 涙が止まらない

kizutsuita yume ga kudake chitta ato ni
hitori nokosareta saigo no otogibanashi
nozondeta hazu no happi endo nanoni
ureshikute ureshikute namida ga tomaranai

In the remains of the damaged dreams that got shattered,
all alone, remained the final fairy tale
Even though it has the happy ending that I could have swore I wished for,
I’m happy, so happy that the tears won’t stop


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