背徳の蕾 | Sprout of Corruption

Requested by YuukaKazami. It’s easy to think of IOSYS simply as meme music, but they do have some more serious songs too. It’s weird that three lyricists worked on a single song though.

Notes: Regarding the first line, “blood,” meaning lineage in this context, is a very loose translation. more strictly means “inherent nature / disposition,” but when we talk about inborn traits, we’re right alongside the topic of genealogy. You know what I mean?
Anyway, I figured it sounded more fitting than “pure in nature.”

★ Title: 背徳の蕾
☆ Album: 東方浮思戯革命
★ Album Artist: IOSYS
☆ Vocals: Dummy
★ Arrangement: ARM
☆ Lyrics: hakase (はかせ)
・ Yoshimi Youno (夕野ヨシミ)
★ Original Titles: Septette for the Dead Princess (亡き王女の為のセプテット)
☆ Website: http://www.iosysos.com/

穢れ無き性 紅蓮の瞳
月夜を濡らす 誇り貴き薔薇

kegare naki saga guren no hitomi
tsukiyo o nurasu hokori takaki bara

Of pure blood, eyes like a crimson lotus
The noble and proud rose saturates the moonlit night

小さき唇 生き血を貪り
欲望を玩ぶ 堕天使の宴

chiisaki kuchibiru ikichi o musabori
yokubou o moteasobu datenshi no utage

Devouring blood of the living with her delicate lips,
she toys with desire, during the feast of fallen angels

幼き姿で 骸と戯れ
運命を卑しめる 背徳の蕾

osanaki sugata de mukuro to tawamure
unmei o iyashimeru haitoku no tsubomi

Frolicking with corpses with her young figure,
she looks down upon fate, the sprout of corruption

紅い闇に煙る棘 甘く香り 罪を誘う
古より科せられしは 悲哀の歴史

akai yami ni keburu odoro amaku kaori tsumi o sasou
inishie yori kaserareshi wa hiai no rekishi

The bushes fuming in the crimson night invite sin with their sweet smell
A history of anguish is what’s been imposed since ancient times

無慈悲の翼 滅びの遊戯
月夜を統べる 貴き末裔

mujihi no tsubasa horobi no yuugi
tsukiyo o suberu toutoki matsuei

Her wings merciless, it’s a game of destruction
The noble descendant rules the moonlit night

傅く事さえ 誉れとなるなら
憂い無き恍惚に ただ委ねるのみ

kashizuku koto sae homare to naru nara
urei naki koukotsu ni tada yudaneru nomi

If it’s an honour just to serve her
you can only leave yourself to the serene ecstasy

未確認幻想飛行ダンス | mikakunin gensou hikou dansu | Unidentified Flying Dance Fantasy

Requested by Bolt Cranck, some songs are pretty tough to decide which colour you want to make the text. Anyways, going to jump straight into the notes here.

Notes: While 「怖くない」 literally translates to “not scary,” since she was also described as “clumsy,” I figured it’d be cute to write it as “unscary” instead. I should also note that “interest” like this seems to have more of a “curious” connotation than the romantic kind of interest.

★ Title: 未確認幻想飛行ダンス
☆ Album: 東方浮思戯革命
★ Album Artist: IOSYS
☆ Vocals: 3L
★ Arrangement: uno
☆ Lyrics: hakase (はかせ)
★ Original Titles: UFO Romance in the Night Sky (夜空のユーフォーロマンス)
Heian Alien (平安のエイリアン)
☆ Website: http://www.iosysos.com/

黒髪どうかしら? 赤い靴どうかしら?
このワンピ似合う?って 聞いてる?

kurokami dou kashira? akai kutsu dou kashira?
kono wanpi ni au? tte kiiteru?
anata doko miteiru no kashira?

How does black hair look? What about a pair of red shoes?
You think it would match this dress? Hey, are you listening?
Just where are you looking off to?

好き?嫌い? まだ素直になれない
なぞの飛び回る 幻想の少女よ

suki? kirai? mada sunao ni narenai
nazo no tobi mawaru gensou no shoujo yo

Love? Hate? You still can’t be honest
I’m the mystery, fantasy girl flying about

そう ぬえぬえダンス  手をつなぎ踊れ!
伝わるドキドキ 照れくさい?
もう好きだよね?とか 未確認でいて!
興味があるのなら いいじゃない?

sou nue nue dansu te o tsunagi odore!
tsutawaru dokidoki terekusai?
mou suki da yo ne? toka mikakunin de ite!
kyoumi ga aru no nara ii janai?

Yes, it’s the Nue Nue dance, join your hands and dance!
Your heart’s thumping is passed along, are you embarrassed?
It’s love already, isn’t it? Keep things like that unidentified!
As long as you have interest, isn’t that enough?

人に見えているの? 光に見えているの?
この背中のは?って 聞いてる?

hito ni mieteiru no? hikari ni mieteiru no?
kono senaka no wa? tte kiiteru?
anata nani miteiru no kashira?

Can I be seen by people? Do I appear in the light?
What about my back? Hey, are you listening?
Just what are you looking at?

敵?味方? まだ信用できない
未知の怖くない 不器用な少女よ!

teki? mikata? mada shinyou dekinai
michi no kowakunai bukiyou na shoujo yo!

Friend? Or foe? You still can’t trust me
I’m the clumsy unscary unknown girl!

そう ぬえぬえダンス 指からめ踊れ!
周りの視線は 気にしない
もう俺だけ見て!とか 束縛はやめて!

sou nue nue dansu yubi karame odore!
mawari no shisen wa ki ni shinai
mou ore dake mite! toka sokubaku wa yamete!
sono uchi akiru kara!

Yes, it’s the Nue Nue dance, entwine your fingers and dance!
Paying no attention to our surroundings
“Don’t look at anyone but me!” Stop restraining me like that!
Because I’m about to have enough!

ホントの姿を 見てないのに

honto no sugata o mitenai noni
kakugo wa shiteru no?

Though you’re not seeing my true form
are you prepared for that?

なぞの飛び回る 幻想の 少しシャイで
しかも 未知の怖くない 不器用な少女よ!

nazo no tobi mawaru gensou no sukoshi shai de
shikamo michi no kowakunai bukiyou na shoujo yo!

I’m the mystery, fantasy, and a little shy and
also the clumsy, unscary, unknown girl flying about!

そう ぬえぬえダンス 輪になって踊れ!
みんなのワクワク 伝わるわ
もう敵か?味方か? 見極めはやめて!

sou nue nue dansu wa ni natte odore!
minna no wakuwaku tsutawaru wa
mou teki ka? mikata ka? mikiwame wa yamete!
honto no watashi no te o hiite

Yes, it’s the Nue Nue dance, form a ring and dance!
Everyone’s excitement will be passed along
Friend or foe already? Stop trying to find out!
Take me by the hand of the true me

そう ぬえぬえダンス 手の上で踊れ!
伝わるドキドキ 照れくさい?
もう 好きか嫌いか 告白はやめて!
興味があるうちは いいじゃない?

sou nue nue dansu te no ue de odore!
tsutawaru dokidoki terekusai?
mou suki ka kirai ka kokuhaku wa yemete!
kyoumi ga aru uchi wa ii janai?

Yes, it’s the Nue Nue dance, dance in the palm of my hand!
Your heart’s thumping is passed along, are you embarrased?
Whether it’s love or hate, stop with the confessions already!
As long as you have interest, isn’t that enough?