A mellow in Ring

I woke up really feeling it for this song. It’s Shuriken lyrics, but I decided to take a shot at it despite that. What is a mellow ring anyways?

I figure this song has something to do with Yukari creating Gensokyo and bringing together the youkai without a place in the modern world, but, well, I’m not sure. The lyrics are very hard to understand. I feel like that “I pray anyone but you will rot away” line is about Renko, but that’s just me projecting RenkoxMerry feelings.

Note: はれあがり has the possibility of being 晴れ上がり, but given that it’s talking about crying, I figure it’s 腫れ上がり.

★ Title: A mellow in Ring
☆ Album: ロープ
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
★ Lyrics: shuriken
☆ Arrangement: NSY
★ Original Title: Charming Domination ~ Who done it! (妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it?)
☆ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/


yagate surari nobiteita
rakugaki no you na kage dake
kondo wa hitori janai to ii

Eventually it extended without trouble
Just a shadow similar to a sketch
I hope I’m not all alone this time


nanbiki no yami o
tsudowaseta no darou

Just how many creatures
of darkness have I caused to gather?

綺麗ね 暮れかけた陽の
つれない またねの声に
街中 灯りでこたえ

kirei ne kure kaketa hi no
tsurenai mata ne no koe ni
machijuu akari de kotae
sore o kiiteita

Isn’t it pretty? The sun had began to set
It said “see you later” with a cold voice
The town responded by turning on the lights
It had heard

涙を この目は 知りすぎて 痛む

kiri bari no merou ringu
hare agari
namida o kono me wa shiri sugite itamu

The cut-and-paste mellow ring
swells up
My eyes know tears all too well, it hurts


afurete nugui kiru
koto mo nai
ato sukoshi yuuki ga
areba yokatta noni

There’s no such thing as wiping it all away
with it flooding out

How I wish I had
just a little more courage

泣くな 夢を見れたのなら
言ってくれよ 消えたのなら

naku na yume o mireta no nara
itte kureyo kieta no nara

Don’t cry, if you were able have a dream
Come on and tell me, if it’s disappeared


ne tsukenai de itara moshi
hontou wa uchi akerarenai
tooi kako no you na mirai e

Suppose I was unable to go to sleep
Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to be honest
I’m heading to a future that looks like the distant past


senya nochi ni aou
itoshii mama da yo

Let’s meet after a thousand nights
It’ll be just as lovely

ごめんね 出しかけた手を
僕には 掴めなくてさ
お願い 君だけは永遠

gomen ne dashi kaketa te o
boku ni wa tsukamenakute sa
onegai kimi dake wa towa
kuchi hate asezu ni

I’m sorry, it’s just impossible for me
to catch that hand you started to reach out
I pray that anyone but you will rot away
to fade for eternity


yado nashi no merou ringu
tsumi to sure
bachi atari no nomu
shizukesa o konomu

If we take the homeless mellow ring
to be a sin
then I’d prefer the wicked
engulfing silence


itsuwari kobami
shijuu hakaru yori
ude wa sode ni yaru
kowa sugite shimau

Rather than rejecting the ungenuine
and taking measurements the whole time
I’ll turn my arm into a sleeve
It’s much too frightening

お帰り迷子 やっと着いたね

shimi hitotsu mo nai kokoro made
kumo hitotsu mo nai sora e tatte
ao ishoku no mizu no naka e
okaeri maigo yatto tsuita ne

All the way to a heart without a single stain
Taking off towards a sky without a single cloud
Into water that’s blue and nothing else
Welcome home, lost child, I see you’ve finally arrived


misemono koya no soko kara
ii n da kono mama hotte oite

From the depths of a circus tent
It’s alright, I won’t bother you like this

サド【New Sadistic】

My second ニュートランスレーション. I feel like this turned out pretty well. Original translation can be found here. I’m probably going to jump over to L∞p 改 next.

★ Title: サド【New Sadistic】
☆ Album: ニューサドマゾヒズム
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Chata (茶太)
★ Lyrics, arrangement: Wani (ワニ)
☆ Original Title: Futatsuiwa from Sado (佐渡のニッ岩)
★ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/

ヒトすら遊ぶ 騙しと云う歓迎を
差し出して 転がし手の中で踊らせる

hito sura asobu damashi to iu kangei wo
sashi dashite korogashi te no naka de odoraseru

I even play with humans, presenting a welcome known as deception
Turning them over, I have them dance in the palm of my hands

キミが残した 魔除けの合図

kimi ga nokoshita mayoke no aizu

You had left behind a sign warding evil

その指 心 刺さる

itsu kara ka nigiru
sono yubi kokoro sasaru
kanawanu negai nanoni
kuri kaeshite wana o kakeru

Grasping from some time past
Those fingers pierce my heart
Though my wish can’t come true
I repeatedly set traps

ヒトから見える 不確かな存在を
閃きの あいであ

hito kara mieru futashika na sonzai o
sashi dashite korogaseyou
hirameki no aidea

Viewed by humans, presenting an unreliable existence
Shall I be able to turn them over?
An idea flashes


kimi ga wasurete shimawanai you ni

It’s so that you won’t accidentally forget

流れる星なら 解ってくれるだろうと
掴まえた数 数え

nagareru hoshi nara wakatte kureru darou to
tsukamaeta kazu kazoe
100 o koete kimi o kaeru

Being a shooting star, I thought you would probably understand
Counting the number I caught,
exceeding 100, I’ll change you

あの日残った 魔除けの合図

ano hi nokotta mayoke no aizu

That day you had left behind a sign warding evil

いつからか握る その指 心 刺さる
叶わぬ願いなのに 繰り返して罠をかける

itsukaraka nigiru sono yubi kokoro sasaru
kanawanu negai nanoni kurikaeshite wana o kakeru

Grasping from some time past, those fingers pierce my heart
Though my wish can’t come true, I repeatedly set traps

この形変えて そのまま 全て触れる
叶わぬ願い無いと 罠をかけた 嘘だらけ

kono katachi kaete sono mama subete fureru
kanawanu negai naito wana o kaketa uso darake

I’ll change my shape and make contact with everything like that
Believing there’s no wish that can’t come true, I had set up traps, riddled with lies

空に流れる星なら 笑ってくれるだろうと・・・
そう キミが泣く事だって
気付きながら 抑えれない

sora ni nagareru hoshi kara waratte kureru darou to…
sou kimi ga naku koto datte
kidzuki nagara osaerenai

Being a star shooting through the sky, I thought you’d probably give me a smile…
Yes, because you cry
I couldn’t hold back while I realized



…Forgive me.


I’ve been planning to retranslate a couple of サドマゾヒズム (Sadomasochism) songs for a while now, and with the release of ニューサドマゾヒズム (New Sadomasochism), I have even more reason to do so.
Of course, I’m going to be cheesy and call it ニュートランスレーション (New Translation).

You can find the original translation over at mirror of paranoia, Jaefine’s site.

Notes: The title, romanized “ennb~ennbi~”, means “Abyss Flames.”
When it comes to interpretation on the lyrics’ meanings, I have no idea. Shuriken’s lyrics are well-known for being difficult and very abstract.
The meaning of 「奏」 alone is a bit fuzzy to me.
Apparently 夜見 means 黄泉, if I did my research correctly.
There have been very small changes in the lyrics from the original enn~~.
I have left in the opening and ending segments as well, though they are not sung in this version of the song (unfortunately).

★ Title: ennb~淵火~
☆ Album: ニューサドマゾヒズム
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Chata (茶太)
★ Lyrics: shuriken
☆ Arrangement: NSY
★ Original Title: Starry Sky of Small Desires (小さな欲望の星空)
☆ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/

雨 風 晴れ 寒さから 幸 不幸は すべて天の仕業
海流のような星座に人は 燃えるように凍えるように
三度 願いを願う 一群の煌めき 五重星団

hikari no naka de wa mienai mono ga kurayami no naka de yoku mieru
ame kaze hare samusa kara kou fukou subete ten no shiwaza
kairyuu no you na seiza ni hito wa moeru you ni kogoeru you ni
mitabi negai o negau ichigun no kirameki gojuu seidan

Within the darkness, you can often see things invisible in the light.
From rain, wind, shine and cold, to fortune and misfortune, all of them are acts of the heavens.
To the oceanic constellations, people, as if burning, as if freezing,
wish their wishes three times. A lustrous herd, a quintuplet cluster.

叶うまで見上げていて 軌道を 夜見の内

chuu ni ukabu yogisha ga yami o kaketara
kanau made mi ageteite kidou o yomi no fuchi

When the night train floating in space races throughout the dark
keep looking up until your wishes come true, at its orbit, within the underworld

沖に夜明けの兆しはないから 騒ぐ杜

aru hito wa mata kanashii kizu o ou mama
oki ni yoake no kizashi wa nai kara sawagu mori

As a certain someone still bears a sorrowful scar
there’s not a breath of dawn out at sea, so the forest stirs

言葉には変わらぬ想いの音がしたという 瑠璃色の空には

kotoba ni wa kawaranu omoi no oto ga shita to iu ruri iro no sora ni wa

They say the sound of unchanging feelings in words was made out in the azure sky

願いの詩が 星屑絵 降りしきるままで
迎えの灯に渡る 星屑絵 濁流よ 潜れ

negai no shi ga (hoshikuzu e) furi shikiru mama de
mukae no hi ni wataru (hoshikuzu e) dakuryuu o kugure

As the poem of wishes (stardust sketches) downpours torrentially
Spanning to the welcoming light (stardust sketches), cut through the impure flow


yagate fukai kuro no ma kara no koe ga to
shinjiteitai no naraba hanashi o tsudzukeyou

Before long, there’ll be a voice out from between the pitch black
If you want to keep faith in that then let’s continue the story

野の花を映した光は 瞬いたとされるだけの幻か

no no hana o utsushita hikari wa matataita to sareru dake no maboroshi ka

Is the light that reflected flowers of the field just an illusion perceived to be twinkling?

追えば消えて 星屑絵 砕け散る流星
呼気 かよわく伸びる 星屑絵 天体どこまで

oeba kiete (hoshikuzu e) kudake chiru ryuusei
koki kayowaku nobiru (hoshikuzu e) tentai doko made

Vanishing upon pursuing, (stardust sketches) the shattering shooting stars
Extending their breath fragilely, (stardust sketches) how far will the celestials go?

それを何と見紛えた 寂しそうな偽星空

sore o nan to mi magaeta samishisou na nise hoshizora

What could you have mistaken it for? The lonely looking false starry sky

酔えや酔え 彼方に 星屑絵 遠い日 面影
舞い落ちる蜃気楼 星屑絵 降りしきる奏

yoe ya yoe kanata ni (hoshikuzu e) tooi hi omokage
mai ochiru shinkirou (hoshikuzu e) furi shikiru kanade

Elate, elate; in the distance, (stardust sketches) there are traces of distant days
Mirages, fluttering down, (stardust sketches) completely downpour

終わりと始まりの季節に 噂ほど時は残っていない
小雨を避け 木陰に宿れば 静けさに出会えるのかもしれない
去りがけに ふと問いかけた「その願いに複製は利くのか」と
途切れ途切れに聞こえたのは 連動する溶鉱炉のうねり

owari to hajimari no kisetsu ni uwasa hodo toki wa nokotteinai
kosame o sake kokage ni yadoreba shizukesa ni de aeru no kamo shirenai
sari gake ni futo toi kaketa 「sono negai ni fukusei wa kiku no ka」to
togire togire ni kikoeta no wa rendou suru youkouro no uneri

In the seasons of the end and the beginning, there’s no time left matching up to rumours.
If you avoid the rain and take shelter under the trees’ shadows, perhaps we may meet in silence.
About to leave, suddenly questioning “Replication is effective for those wishes?”
all that could be heard, in fragments and pieces, was the undulations of a linked smelting furnace

いつかの景色に重ねたとして 戻れないのならば迷わないはず
もし望むなら 雑念は捨て 着陸前の僅かな隙間に
踏み出すと同時に瞬きを見て もう三度 願いを願うといい

hikari no naka de wa mienai mono ga kurayami no naka de wa yoku mieru
itsu ka no keshiki ni kasaneta toshite modorenai no naraba mayowanai hazu
moshi nozomu nara zatsunen wa sute chakuriku mae no wazuka na sukima ni
fumi dasu to douji ni matataki o mite mou mitabi negai o negau to ii

Within the darkness, you can often see things invisible in the light.
Lapping over the scenery of another day, if you’re unable to turn back, then you shouldn’t hesitate.
If you wish, you should clear your mind, at the same moment you step out into the narrowest opening before landing, look at the twinkling, and another three times, wish your wishes.


アイス has some pretty chill songs. My personal interpretation about this song is that it’s coming from Flandre’s view, thinking about her sister.

★ Title: CarryOn
☆ Album: アイス
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Chata (茶太)
★ Arrangement: Wani (ワニ)
☆ Original Title: Crimson Belvedere ~ Eastern Dream… (紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream…)
★ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/


kono yume no naka de kimi to miru
sekai o habataite
kirameku sora o oyogu

In this dream, flapping our wings
through this world I see with you,
we swim through a sparkling sky

繋いだ ぬくもりを守って

kono yume no naka ni kimi to ite
tsunaida nukumori o mamotte
tsurete yuku yo

In this dream, I’m together with you
I’ll protect the warmth tied to that
and bring it with me


sabi tsuita kioku ga
kokoro no fukaku de
kotae o sagashite sawaida
mai odoru chou no you

Rusted old memories rest
in the depths of my heart
Searching for an answer I made a fuss
just like a dancing butterfly

昨日 見つけられなかった
忘れ物 気づいた

tomatta jikan
hari o mawashitara
kinou mitsukerarenakatta
wasuremono kidzuita

When I turned the hands of the clock
as time was standing still
I noticed what I had forgotten
that I couldn’t find yesterday

繋いだ 手のひらや

omoide no naka de kimi to iru
tsunaida te no hira ya
egao ga awaku nijimu

In my memories, I’m together with you
The palm of your hand I held and
your smile blurs faintly

迷わず 決めていた
言葉を 伝えたいよ

omoide o soto ni hakobetara
mayowazu kimeteita
kotoba o tsutaetai yo

When I can bring my memories outside
I want to convey the words
I’ll have decided on with no doubts


kono yume no naka de kimi to miru
sekai o habataite
kirameku sora o oyogu

In this dream, flapping our wings
through this world I see with you,
we swim through a sparkling sky

繋いだ ぬくもりを守って

kono yume no naka ni kimi to ite
tsunaida nukumori o mamotte
tsurete yuku yo

In this dream, I’m together with you
I’ll protect the warmth tied to that
and bring it with me