Requested by Primity. This song really sounds traditional, and the language used reflects it too. This was the hardest song I’ve translated yet I think.

Notes: 「調べ」 usually tends means something along the lines of “investigation” or “examination,” but going with the classical theme here, it would lean more to “tune” or “musical performance”, or things such as that.

Near the end of the song, during the footsteps, you can hear a 「おはようございます」 (Good morning) being said, which is Kyouko’s signature line in the Ten Desires storyline, suggesting that it’s her. Kyouko’s a yamabiko (山彦), who people in ancient times believed were responsible for causing the echoes around mountains, which also fits in perfectly with this song.

★ Title: Kanon
☆ Album: Eastern Serene Echo (東方幽静響)
★ Album Artist: Maikaze (舞風)
☆ Vocals: Renka (憐歌)
★ Arrangement: Tokine (時音)
☆Lyrics: Tokine (時音), Renka (憐歌)
★ Original Titles: Welcome to Youkai Temple (妖怪寺へようこそ)
– Youkai Girl at the Gate (門前の妖怪小娘)
☆ Website: http://maikaze.com/product_cd.html


遥けし春霞 淡く色づき
踏み入れた春日道 白に包まれゆく

harukeshi harugasumi awaku irodzuki
fumi ireta kasuga shiro ni tsutsumare yuku

The far off springtime haze faintly changes colours
Treading along the path of spring sunlight, I’m soon going to be concealed by white

投げかけし闇に等しき応え 刹那に木霊舞い戻る
ukabi kuru fukaki tani no naka ni hibiku koe
nage kakeshi yami ni hitoshiki kotae setsuna ni kodama mai modoru

The voice echoes deep within the valley and comes  floating back up
or into the rising darkness, all the same, a response instantly echoes and dances back

誰かいるのか と我の事を呼ぶ
遥か昔の神々の調べ 重なり響く

dareka iru no ka to toeba
dareka iru no ka to ware no koto o yobu
harukamukashi no kamigami no shirabe kasanari hibiku

If I ask “Is anyone there” then
“Is anyone there” will call out back to myself
The echoes of the melody of gods from long ago overlap

遥けし春霞 たなびく山の
咲き誇る桜花さえ その身を隠しゆく

harukeshi harugasumi tanabiku yama no
saki hokoru ouka sae sono mi o kakeshi yuku

The far off springtime haze lingers around the mountain
Even the sakura in full blossom will proceed to hide themselves away

人一人彷徨い 怪達住まう地に
古に伝う懐かしき唄 聞こえる数多の言葉

hito hitori samayoi ayakashitachi sumau chi ni
inishie ni tsutau natsukashiki uta kikoeru amata no kotoba

As people wander about alone, the dead reside under the ground
I follow the nostalgic song from ancient times that can be heard, the words are plenty

霞む視界の先に幽か見ゆ 碧の少女の姿
声は立ちのぼる煙となり また導いてゆく

kasumu shikai no saki ni kasuka miyu midori no kodomo no sugata
koe wa tachi noboru kemu tonari mata michibiite yuku

After the blurred field of vision clears up the green silhouette of a girl becomes faintly visible
her voice rises up alongside the smoke and once again proceeds to show the way