Chaotic Situation

Everybody elevators.

Just kidding. It sounds more like “Everybody innovates; Everybody innovators” in the beginning.

☆ Title: Chaotic Situation
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 6
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals and lyrics: Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟)
☆ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
★ Original Title: Youkai Domination (妖々跋扈)
☆ Website:

止まらない 甘い誘い
様々な 言葉手繰る
飛び跳ねる 心踊れ
混沌に 染めてしまえ
太陽が 徐々に沈む
瞬間に よぎる黒が
指をさし 笑う姿
張り裂ける 鼓動強く

tomaranai amai sasoi
samazama na kotoba taguru
tobi haneru kokoro odore
konton ni somete shimae
taiyou ga jojo ni shizumu
shunkan ni yogiru kuro ga
yubi o sashi warau sugata
hari sakeru kodou tsuyoku

The sweet invitations won’t stop
All kinds of words pull me in
“Let your fluttering heart dance”
“Stain it completely in chaos”
The sun gradually sets
The black that passes by in an instant
reveals its figure, pointing and laughing at me
My heartbeat is too strong, I’m going to burst

誘惑に熟れた 罪の果実

nuke dasenai meiro de samayou
tada shiawase o negatteita
jibun dake no sekai ni oborete
yuuwaku ni ureta tsumi no kajitsu

I wander around an unescapable maze
All I did was wish for happiness
I’m drowning in a world just for me
The fruit of sin, ripened by temptation

茨道を行く ナイフを片手に
嘲笑う声が 頭の中から
零れてく涙 気付いた過ち
どこにも行けない この場所で

ibaramichi o yuku naifu o katate ni
aita ana o hirogeru you ni
azawarau koe ga atama no naka kara
hanarenakute kaki kesenai yo
koborete ku namida kidzuita ayamachi
sukui no te o zutto matteiru
doko ni mo ikenai kono basho de

I walk a path of thorns with a knife in hand
in order to widen opened holes
Laughs in my head ridicule me
I can’t get away from or erase them
Noticing the tears drip was a mistake
Forever I’ll be waiting for someone’s saving hand
here in this place with nowhere I can go

止まらない 輪廻巡る
少しずつ 醒める熱が
傾いた 月と共に
覗き込み 瞳曇る
翳りゆく 時の中で
思い出す 不善の日々
後悔の 思いだけが
揺らめいて 離れないよ

tomaranai rinne meguru
sukoshi zutsu sameru netsu ga
katamuita tsuki to tomo ni
nozoki komi hitomi kumoru
kageri yuku toki no naka de
omoi dasu fuzen no hibi
koukai no omoi dake ga
yurameite hanarenai yo

The wheel of fortune spins endlessly
Little by little, I return from my fever
The moon, close to setting, looks down on me
My eyes cloud over, and together they peek in
In such a darkening time
I recall days of mischief
Only thoughts of regret
flicker in, and they won’t leave

蝕まれていく 罪の意識

kowarete iku utsuwa ni nokotta
boku no hito kakera wa itsu kara
kuroku somatte shimatta no kana
mushibamarete iku tsumi no ishiki

When did this fragment of me
left in its breaking container
become completely stained black
I’m being eaten away by my awareness of sin

茨道を行く 暗闇切り裂き
埋まらない傷も 痛みも抱きしめ
零れてく涙 心を溶かして
やり直せるはず この場所で

ibaramichi o yuku kurayami kiri saki
aita ana wa modoranai kedo
umaranai kizu mo itami mo daki shime
ikiteiru to kanjite mitai
koborete ku namida kokoro o tokashite
kitto itsu ka subete o uke tome
yari naoseru hazu kono basho de

I walk a path of thorns, cutting through the darkness
The opened holes can’t be fixed though
I want to feel that I’m alive
by embracing my pain and open wounds
The dripping tears melt my heart
I’m sure someday I’ll be able to accept everything
and redo it all again at this place



This arrangement and these lyrics remind me a bit of old Alst songs, back when Haruka was the lyricist and Minoshima did things different, which I really like.

Notes: I’ve made the difficult choice to translate this song as speaking about/to someone. I was assuming the topic throughout was an implicit “I” until the “gathering wishes” stanza, which explicitly says “you.” I think it makes more sense this way.

☆ Title: Chase
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 6
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: nomico
☆ Lyrics: Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟)
★ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
☆ Original Title: The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl (時代親父とハイカラ少女)
★ Website:

全てが 見透かされそうで
粉々 脆く崩れてく

mabushii hikari ga tsuki sasu
subete ga mi sukasaresou de
sunao ni narenai kokoro ga
konagona moroku kuzurete ku

Everything appears to be transparent
A bright light pierces through
Your fragile heart, unable to be true to itself,
crumbles away into pieces

今まで 日陰にいた
いつから 隠れていた?
いつまで 逃げているの?

ima made hikage ni ita
itsu kara kakureteita?
itsu made nigete iru no?
koe ni naranai mama

Until now you’ve been in the shadows
Since when have you been hiding?
How long will you keep running away?
As it is, you have no voice

追いかけて 追いかけて
探しても 探しても
強い風 吹き抜けて

oi kakete oi kakete
iki tsuku saki made
sagashitemo sagashitemo
kotae wa mune no oku
tsuyoi kaze fuki nukete
kumo wa nagarete ku
oikaze o uke tomete

You chase and chase
until you reach your destination
You search, and you search,
but the answer lies in your heart
A strong gust blows
and the clouds stream on by
as they accept the tailwind

言葉は いつも空を舞う
昨日に さよならを告げて

kawaita nodo o shime tsukeru
kotoba wa itsu mo kuu o mau
yowasa o iiwake ni shiteta
kinou ni sayonara o tsugete

You tighten your dry throat
Your words always dance in emptiness
You’ve been using your weakness as an excuse
It’s time to goodbye to yesterday

数多の 想い集め
彼方へ 届けられず
貴方は 立ち尽くすの?

amata no omoi atsume
kanata e todokerarezu
anata wa tachi tsukusu no?
tori modosenai mama

Will you just stand still
after gathering so many wishes,
unable to send them off into the distance?
As it is, they can’t be taken back

叫んでも 叫んでも
いつまでも いつまでも
繰り返す 意味のない

sakendemo sakendemo
kako wa kawaranai
itsu made mo itsu made mo
tachi domatta mama no
kuri kaesu imi no nai
jikan wa iranai
byoushin wa ugoki dasu

You shout and shout,
but the past will never change
You’ve always and always
been stuck in place
You don’t need a time
that’s pointless to repeat
The second hand begins to turn

追いかけて 追いかけて
探しても 探しても
強い風 吹き抜けて

oi kakete oi kakete
iki tsuku saki made
sagashitemo sagashitemo
kotae wa mune no oku
tsuyoi kaze fuki nukete
kumo wa nagarete ku
oikaze o uke tomete

You chase and chase
until you reach your destination
You search, and you search,
but the answer lies in your heart
A strong gust blows
and the clouds stream on by
as they accept the tailwind


Very interesting opening to the track. While I think this song has a lot going for it, I also think it’s missing some sort of big payoff.

★ Title: 7thHVN
☆ Album: 4Q8Q
★ Album Artist: ZYTOKINE
☆ Vocals: cold kiss (Nana Takahashi (高橋 菜々))
★ Arrangement and lyrics: Linjin (隣人)
☆ Original Title: Last Occultism (ラストオカルティズム)
★ Website:


tsukami dokoro no nai shinkirou
chigau sekai e izanau kagi

An elusive mirage
A key beckoning me to a different world

想いを馳せて 滲んだ夢
静かに 手を伸ばす

omoi o hasete nijinda yume
shizuka ni te o nobasu

Letting my mind run wild, my dream became blurred
Quietly I reach my hand out for it

懐かしい夢の 続きを話そう
とても不思議だね ハッピーエンドなのに
哀しくて 哀しくて 涙が止まらない

natsukashii yume no tsudzuki o hanasou
kirei de yasashii sekai no otogibanashi
totemo fushigi da ne happii endo nanoni
kanashikute kanashikute namida ga tomaranai

Let’s talk about what comes after the dreams from our childhoods
Fairy tales about pretty and kind worlds
It’s very strange, even though they end happily,
I’m sad, so sad that the tears won’t stop

近いのに遠く 沁みる痛み

chikai noni tooku shimiru itami
chigau inori ni takushita uso

A close, yet distant, stinging pain
Deceit committed to different wishes

寄せては返す 沈んだ夢
今では 手に余る

yosete wa kaesu shizunda yume
ima de wa te ni amaru

Dreams that sunk after riding the waves
At this point they’re too much for me

擦り切れた夢の 奏でるストーリー
なのに不思議だね ハッピーエンドなのに
苦しくて 苦しくて 涙が止まらない

suri kireta yume no kanaderu sutoorii
yuuki to kibou de afureta otogibanashi
nanoni fushigi da ne happii endo nanoni
kurushikute kurushikute namida ga tomaranai

Musical stories of worn out dreams
Fairy tales that overflowed with hope and courage
Yet it’s strange, even though they end happily,
it hurts, it hurts so much that the tears won’t stop

この手で 積み上げてきた夢
哀しく 眼をそらす

kono te de tsumi agete kita yume
kanashiku me o sorasu

All the dreams that I built up with my own hands
I avert my eyes from sadly

傷ついた夢が 砕け散った跡に
独り 残された最後のおとぎ話
望んでたはずの ハッピーエンドなのに
嬉しくて 嬉しくて 涙が止まらない

kizutsuita yume ga kudake chitta ato ni
hitori nokosareta saigo no otogibanashi
nozondeta hazu no happi endo nanoni
ureshikute ureshikute namida ga tomaranai

In the remains of the damaged dreams that got shattered,
all alone, remained the final fairy tale
Even though it has the happy ending that I could have swore I wished for,
I’m happy, so happy that the tears won’t stop

Comedic Mechanism: Parade of the Jane Does (15/291)

Long time followers might remember when I translated セルフ・トーキング 或いは 魔女というガラクタによる魂の在り処への言及のバラード – a Diao Ye Zong song created to accompany a certain doujinshi. Kafka Fuura, a professional translator, has now begun to translate this well written 291 page doujinshi, and will continue depending on interest shown. The first 15 pages have been translated and are available for public reading, so be sure to check it out for yourself and send him donations if you want to see more.


I reserve the right to remove this translation without warning.


This an experiment.

If you would like to see more, please donate. [PayPal]

Translation Notes:
[5] Also written throughout the book in the margins as “A Dream of Unpleasant Rain”
[14] “John’s Staircase” – The real world equivalent is “St. Joseph’s Staircase”.

Comedic Mechanism: Parade of the Jane Does


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Night of Unpleasant Rain – 7
Chapter 2: March of the Saints – 95
Chapter 3: An Unbearable Existence in Suffering – 191
Chapter 4: An Emptiness Devoid of Color Contrast – 257


Chapter 1: A Dream of Unpleasant Rain


―May a theatric death befall us all.

A white cylindrical building stood in a corner of West Kyoto University’s campus.

In front of that building stood Maribel Hearn.

“Why is it that paper books still exist as…

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