Problem Solving Game

Perhaps the most original thing I’ve written for creative writing class yet, I wanted to write my own mathematical song. It turned out more poetic than lyrical, but whatever.
If I were to turn this into lyrics, however, the last two lines would certainly have to go.

Where on the coordinate plane do I now lie?
Can this equation be solved when I’ve forgotten my roots?
A lone variable in a sea of constants
Without any bounds, my series is set to diverge

Tightrope walking over infinitesimal, I derive an answer
Borrowing the power of infinity, I follow up and integrate it
But I only find myself back where I started
No rise for all that I run

Lost under the glaring sun of codes
It seems I’ve reached my critical point
I can only pray my dreams don’t curve away
So please, give me a sin(θ)

It may all seem like Greek, but in order to find a solution
While caught in this problem solving game, Untitled is not an option