New Journey

The Japanese lyrics were what I originally came up with, haphazardly translated in a couple minutes. Kinda feels like I could’ve done better, looking back on it, though it does sound a lot worse in English. The content of the lyrics could definitely use improvement, I think. The Japanese grammar is mostly fine though, at least. It was my first time ever writing lyrics though, so you can’t blame me too much for them being bad. In the end, though, it was fun, and I’d definitely love the chance to write lyrics again though. Especially since this song was never finished and I never heard them sung. It was supposed to represent the grand opening of our circle. I tried to make so that the lyrics matched not only Marisa (it is a Stardust Reverie arrangement, after all), but our beginning as well. Seeing our place among the stars, charging forward no matter what happens, all that. Ironic, considering it all fell apart in a day.

In romaji is the (what I assume to be the final) version edited by the singer to fit with the new melody.

You can find the work in progress version of the song here:



hoshizora wo miage nagara
ittai nani wo mita no darou
hitotsu no seiza ga kaketeitanda
atashi no ibasho

Just what did I see
while looking up at the starry sky?
A single constellation was missing
The place where I belong


kimi ga kureta kono kibou wa ne
ookina koe de utau kibou
kimi ga kureta ano kotoba ima mo
oboeteiru yo

The hope that you gave me
is a hope to sing with a loud voice
The words that you gave me
I remember even now

わかってるけどさ 戻りたくない

ippo fumi dashitara modorenai
wakatteru kedo sa modoritakunai
mahou to koi to kibou de michite
atashi no tabi wa kore kara hajimaru n da aa

There’s no going back after taking the first step
I understand, but you see, I don’t want to go back
Filled with hope, love, and magic
my journey begins from here on out


atashi no mae de wa
nagai michi ga aru (no) wa
dakedo kimi ga kureta
ai no chikara ni mugen ga mieta

Lying before me
there’s a long path
but I could see infinite dreams
in the power of love you gave me


tada massugu ni
hoshi ga mi orosu yoru ni
hoshi ni naru tame ni
takaku mezasanai to kakkoyoku mienai

Just going straight ahead
On this night when the stars look down
In order to become a star
You gotta aim high if you want to look cool

誰が邪魔をしようとも 自分の道を作り出すよ

mahou wo kakeru
sonna kurai wa dekiru
buttobashite yaru
dare ga danmaku wo shiyou to mo jibun no michi
o tsukuridasu yo

I’ll cast a magic spell
At least that much I can do
I’ll send them flying
No matter who tries to hinder me, I’ll create my own path

きっと 何があっても

kake nukete yukou
kitto nani ga atte mo
minna ga matte(i)ru darou
donna konnan datte koerareru to omou no
ryuuseiame no you ni
Supaakurin everlasting magic

Let’s run on through
Surely, no matter what happens
Everyone’s probably waiting
No matter what difficulties there are, I believe they can be overcome
Like a shooting star