The first of Amen’s unpublished translations. Expect to see more of these soon. Seems like I was originally too lazy to finish the romaji transcription. Great song, although short. The power of belief is strong.

☆ Title: ILIAS
★ Album: beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.1
☆ Album Artist: KONAMI
★ Vocals: Sakaue Nachi (坂上なち)
☆ Lyrics: Haruka
★ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima

climbing on 先は見えなくても

climbing on saki wa mienakutemo
ima wa nani mo kangaenai
kaze ga fuita kono sukima ni
semai jikan, hiroi jikan

Climbing on, even if you can’t see ahead
Right now, your mind is clear
In the windy gaps of our hearts
A cramped time, a vast time

Say for you ずっと呼んでいたい

Say for you zutto yondeitai
kimi ga itsu ka tachi agaru tte
kaze ga fuite futari tsunagi
kawaru keshiki, kawaru omoi

“You’ll rise up someday”
I’ll say it for you, I’ll always want to call out to you
The wind blows, connecting us
Changing sceneries, changing feelings

夢を見ていた 君との夢を
何もない場所 ただ二人だけで
君は見ていた ずっとこの先

yume o miteita kimi to no yume o
nani mo nai basho tada futari dake de
kimi wa miteita zutto kono saki
sono omoi wa totemo tsuyoku

I was dreaming a dream shared with you
Nothing was there, just us two alone
You were always looking ahead
With exceedingly strong hope

目覚めた朝に 変わらぬ景色
追いかけてくる 過去の影さえ

mezameta asa ni kawaranu keshiki
itsu mo to chigatta jibun o misete
oi kakete kuru kako no kage sae
hitomi ni utsushita mono dake

You wake up in the morning to an unchanging scenery
Show them a different ‘you’ than usual
Even the shadows of the past chasing after you
only exist in your own eyes

信じ続ける 強い想いが
過去の自分に もう戻らない

shinji tsudzukeru tsuyoi omoi ga
jibun no sukima ni nokori hajimete
kako no jibun ni mou modoranai
ima sugu kobushi o tsuki agete

Strong feelings of continuous belief
will begin remain in the gaps of your heart
There’s no going back to who you used to be
Raise your fist in the air right now

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