rest in peace

Disc 1 is pretty good. Disc 2 is alright, though I don’t think it’s as good as previous remix albums. I find about half of Linjin’s slow songs to be a bit too boring, but this is one of the ones I liked.

★ Title: rest in peace
☆ Album: 50/50
★ Album Artist: ZYTOKINE
☆ Vocals: aki
★ Arrangement and lyrics: Linjin (隣人)
☆ Original Title: Soul’s Resting Place (魂の安らむ所)
★ Website:

教えてよ 幸せの theory
触れた指先 なぞる sympathy
喜びは  どこにありますか
哀しみも そこにありますか

oshiete yo shiwase no theory
fureta yubisaki nazoru sympathy
yorokobi wa doko ni arimasu ka
kanashimi mo soko ni arimasu ka

Tell me about the theory of happiness
I feel your fingertips trace sympathy
Where is it that joy exists?
Does sorrow also exist there?

自由への旅 どこへでも行けるのに
なぜ 傷を増やしてる
それでも 信じていたのは
今では 思い出せない歌

jiyuu e no tabi doko e demo yukeru noni
naze kizu o fuyashiteru
sore demo shinjiteita no wa
ima de wa omoi dasenai uta

On the journey to freedom, we can go anywhere,
yet why do I just keep getting hurt?
What I’ve believed in, despite that,
is a song that I can’t remember at this point

教えてよ 正しさの theory
風に絡んで 揺れた fairy tale
喜びは  そこに消えました
哀しみも そこに消えました

oshiete yo tadashisa no theory
kaze ni karande yureta fairy tale
yorokobi wa soko ni kiemashita
kanashimi mo soko ni kiemashita

Tell me about the theory of justice
Caught in the wind, a shaken fairy tale
It’s there that joy disappeared
It’s there that sorrow also disappeared

もう一度だけ 幼い子どもの様に
ただ 夢をみていたい
あの日に 置き忘れたもの
ここでは もう響かない歌

mou ichido dake osanai kodomo no you ni
tada yume o miteitai
ano hi ni oki wasureta mono
koko de wa mou hibikanai uta

Just once more, I’d like to simply dream
like a young child
That day, I left something behind
A song whose echo won’t reach here anymore

教えてよ 幸せのtheory
教えてよ 正しさのtheory

oshiete yo shiawase no theory
oshiete yo tadashisa no theory

Tell me about the theory of happiness
Tell me about the theory of justice

安らかに眠る その時に

yasuraka ni nemuru sono toki ni
soba ni ite hoshii no wa dare desu ka

When it’s time for me to rest in peace,
who do I want to be next to me?

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