Soul of Rouge

Yes, I am on the hunt for rare Alst arranges.

☆ Title: Soul of Rouge
★ Album: Trois Rouge
☆ Album Artist: ALiCE’S EMOTiON
★ Vocals: Misato (美里)
☆ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
★ Lyrics: Haruka
☆ Original Title: A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry (ほおずきみたいに紅い魂)
★ Website:

光が終わるこの場所で 沈黙だけが体を刺す
闇で包んだこの時間 全てのことも見えなくなりそうなの

hikari ga owaru kono basho de chinmoku dake ga karada o sasu
yami de tsutsunda kono jikan subete no koto mo mienaku narisou nano

At this place where the light ends, only silence pierces my body
During this time wrapped in darkness, it seems like I’ll be unable to see anything

明かりが消えるこの場所で 貴方見つめる気持ちさえも
紅く彩る月の色 全ての気持ち苦しめては微笑む

akari ga kieru kono basho de anata mitsumeru kimochi sae mo
akaku irodoru tsuki no iro subete no kimochi kurushimete wa hohoemu

At this place where light is put out, so is the feeling that I see you
The crimson coloured moon hurts all feelings and I smile

貴方が見えない 盲目な心
紅く光る月 それだけが光
もうなにも見えない 誰か手伸ばして
包み込まれてく 私の体も

anata ga mienai moumoku na kokoro
akaku hikaru tsuki sore dake ga hikari
mou nani mo mienai dare ka te nobashite
tsutsumi komarete ku watashi no karada mo

I can’t see you – my heart is blind
The moon shining crimson, only that is light
I can’t see anything anymore, someone, reach out your hand
I’m being engulfed, as well as my body

貴方も見えない 闇だけの世界
もう抜け出せない 手を伸ばしてても
私も見えない 消えてゆく気持ち
ここにあるものは 紅いだけの月

anata mo mienai yami dake no sekai
mou nuke dasenai te o nobashitetemo
watashi mo mienai kiete yuku kimochi
koko ni aru mono wa akai dake no tsuki

I can’t even see you – a world of only darkness
There’s no escape anymore, even if you reach out
I can’t even see myself – feelings fading away
What is here is the moon, naught but crimson

2 thoughts on “Soul of Rouge

  1. Looking for Alstroemeria’s song? Well, can’t say are they rare or not, but these ones are also from different non-Alst albums. Just if you are still interested :3

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