That Full Moon Over The Haunted Ship

This song exceeded all expectations I had from the crossfade. It’s really haunting, which is great and unique. I think this may be my favourite song from the album, even though I’m generally not a fan of Camellia songs.

☆ Title: That Full Moon Over The Haunted Ship
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 5
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟)
☆ Arrangement and lyrics: Camellia
☆ Original Title: Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship (幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅)
・Captain Murasa (キャプテン・ムラサ)
★ Website:

今は先を急ぐ 水達に乗せられたまま

doko made mo tsudzuku kurai umi no owari de
naraku e no taki ga warai tsudzuke todoroku
“mezashita tokoro wa koko datta no ka?”
ima wa saki o isogu mizutachi ni noserareta mama

At the end of the everlasting dark sea
the waterfall to hell, continuing to laugh, roars
“Was this the place that you were looking for?”
as we remained carried by waters now hurrying us onwards

Red sky, too high, 悪夢の様に青白い満月
Tonight, to hype, 水平の果て 死霊とさあ踊れよ
Mad tide, they cry, 波は怒りにその躰を震い
You fly, to die, 夜明けを刺した

Red sky, too high, akumu no you ni aoshiroi mangetsu
Tonight, to hype, suihei no hate shiryou to saa odoreyo
Mad tide, they cry, nami wa ikari ni sono karada o furui
You fly, to die, yoake o sashita
mou kuruisou na Moonlight

Red sky, too high, the full moon is nightmarishly white
Tonight, to hype, come dance with the ghosts at the end of the horizon
Mad tide, they cry, the waves shake their bodies in anger
You fly, to die, it pierced the dawn
The already maddening moonlight

止まらない舟唄 止まってしまったビート・ライン
死は生を 生は死をそう 求めたままで

doko ni ochiru no ka itsu made ochiru no ka mo
wakaranai kurai ni fune wa susunde yuku
tomaranai funauta tomatte shimatta biito rain
shi wa sei o sei wa shi o sou motometa mama de

The ship moves on to death such that we can’t comprehend
where we’re going to fall, or how long we’ll fall
The beat line stopped, but the sailor’s song doesn’t stop
as life and death, yes, remained seeking each other

Red sky, too high, 暁は燃え破れた帆を染める
Tonight, to hype, 沈んだ船は私達が踊る
Mad tide, they cry, 雷がほら齧る先を探す
You fly, to die, あまりに澄んだ

Red sky, too high, akatsuki wa moe yabureta ho wo someru
Tonight, to hype, shizunda fune wa watashi tachi ga odoru
Mad tide, they cry, ikadzuchi ga hora kajiru saki o sagasu
You fly, to die, amari ni sunda
mou kuruisou na Moonlight

Red sky, too high, the dawn catches fire, tinting the broken sail
Tonight, to hype, we dance aboard the sunken ship
Mad tide, they cry, the lightning searches for where to chew
You fly, to die, it’s all too clear
The already maddening moonlight

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