Ayame songs are still pretty nice and cute. I have to skip Sepia though, because for some reason, the lyric sheet and the vocals don’t match up at all. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. See if you can figure it out.

My last words on the album is that Zytokine’s LAPSE remix is absolutely amazing and Arm’s Visions remix is also pretty good though it’s really missing something important without the “lalala”s.

☆ Title: Stardust
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 5
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: Ayame
☆ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
★ Lyrics: Haruka
☆ Original Title: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind (感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind)
★ Website:

冬空に 星を見た 本当に小さな星
息吐いて温めた 手のひらを合わせてた

fuyuzora ni hoshi o mita hontou ni chiisa na hoshi
iki haite atatameta te no hira o awaseteta

In the winter sky, I saw a star, a really small star
I brought my hands together that I warmed with my breath

呪文を唱えて 誰より強くて
負けない想いに なれたらいいけど
そんなの無理だよ 私は弱くて

jumon o tonaete dare yori tsuyokute
makenai omoi ni naretara ii kedo
sonna no muri da yo watashi yowakute
dare ni mo kanawanai

I’ll chant a spell, and become stronger than everyone
If only I could get used to determination
But that’s impossible, I’m weak
No match for anyone

誰よりも強い気持ち 持てるなら良いけれどね
星空は綺麗だけど 私にはまだ見れない
あんなに近そうだけど 本当はすごく遠い

dare yori mo tsuyoi kimochi moteru nara ii keredo ne
hoshizora wa kirei dakedo watashi ni wa mada mirenai
anna ni chikasou dakedo hontou wa sugoku tooi
chippoke na watashi mitai kana

If only I could have feelings stronger than everyone else
The night sky is pretty, but I still can’t see it
It looks so close, but it’s actually terribly far
I wonder I want to see it when I’m so small

冬空に 星が流れ またひとつ消えていった
なぜだろう泣いていた 意味もなく泣いていた

fuyuzora ni hoshi ga nagare mata hitotsu kiete itta
naze darou naiteita imi mo naku naiteita

A star shot across the winter sky, another disappeared
Why was I crying? Crying without any meaning

呪文を唱えて 誰より輝く
負けない想いは 今でも勝てない
私は私ね そんなのわかるよ

jumon o tonaete dare yori kagayaku
makenai omoi wa ima demo katenai
watashi wa watashi ne sonna no wakaru yo
dare ni mo kawaranai

I’ll chant a spell and shine brighter than everyone
My determination still can’t win
I am me, I understand that
I can’t become anyone else

誰よりも強い気持ち 持てるなら良いけれどね
星屑は綺麗だから 私からまだ見れない
あんなに近そうだけど 本当は近づけない

dare yori mo tsuyoi kimochi moteru nara ii keredo ne
hoshikuzu wa kirei dakara watashi kara mada mirenai
anna ni chikasou dakedo hontou wa chikadzukenai
chippoke na watashi mitai kana

If only I could have feelings stronger than everyone else
The stardust is pretty, which is why I still can’t see from my view
It looks so close, but you actually can’t get anywhere close
I wonder I want to see it when I’m so small

9 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Sepia’s lyrics aren’t a mistake, they’re singable! A few lines match up too. If you’re familiar with RD Sounds then Katsu took this to a whole new level ahah

      • Ok Amen I finish to study the lyrics of Pop culture 5. the translation is perfect everywhere, it was a pure pleasure to read the lyrics with superb translations (from someone who understand Japenese). An enormous thanks ! Concerning the song Sepia the group didn’t answers me sorry (that’s been a moment that I sent them the mail, so I don’t think they will answers me). I don’t very understand the comment of OP2C about the lyrics “singable”… Sorry can you explain me a little ?

        • Thanks for the compliments! As for being singable, that basically means the number of syllables and stanzas written match perfectly with the song. In other words, if you sing the written lyrics to the song, it doesn’t sound out of place at all.

  2. Thank you so much for all these fast translations of Pop culture 5, Amen. Concerning Sepia, Mickey as right in the official website, it’s says that is Katsu who made the lyrics and not ORC. So strange…
    Two possibilities : an error when the team put the lyrics in the booklet or the song uses the system of word changes (I have already see this sort of system in others circles of doujin cirlce but rarely for the one who made Touhou musics). I will asked directly at the Alstromeria Records team if you want Amen and I will give you an answer as fast as I can. Wait and see !

    And thanks again !

    • I was looking back through old comments to see if I accidentally missed anything, and I appear to have missed your request somehow (and a few others), so I apologize for that.

      Anyway, yeah, that is strange. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a system of word changes, but this seems way too different to be intentional to me. Feel free to ask though.

      • Oh !!! Thanks Kafka to answer me, it makes me really happy. I was thinking you don’t accept my request because you don’t answer me. Just to say me you can make 6 months to translate my songs, I’m not really a quicken person (specially if you have exams). Sorry the reason, because I was angry, it was because you don’t answer me (but now I’m a little shy of what I say)…

        Concerning, Alstroemeria Records, I thinks it’s an error because the lyrics doesn’t concurs at all. I have just finish to send them a mail. I give you more information when I have an answer !

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