Lonely Rabbit

This arrangement feels a bit bland compared to previous Amateras guest tracks.

Notes: My first instinct was to translate 貴方のことを想うほど
心 ちぎれそうで as “The more I think about you, the more my heart feels torn apart” but I think that’s more suited for 想えば想うほど.

☆ Title: Lonely Rabbit
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 5
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals and lyrics: Sae Tsukiyama (築山さえ)
☆ Arrangement: Tracy
★ Original Title: The Rabbit Has Landed (兎は舞い降りた)
☆ Website: http://alst.net/

言いかけて 言えなくて

「itsu made mo soba ni ite」
ii kakete ienakute
kanawanai yakusoku wa
kore ijou shitakunai

“Stay forever by my side”
I was about to say, but couldn’t
I don’t want to make
empty promises anymore

心 ちぎれそうで

anata no koto o omou hodo
kokoro chigiresou de

My heart feels torn apart enough
that I think about you


munashisa daki shimete
ooki na sora o nagameteita
tsutawaranai omoi
kono sora ni ukande kiete yuku

Embracing the emptiness
I gazed at the huge sky
My feelings that won’t get through
float in the sky and fade away


eien nante nai yo
sonna koto shitteru yo
dakara koso isshun ga
kakegae no nai mono de

There’s no such thing as eternity
I know that
which is why each moment
is irreplaceable

心 縺れていく

anata no koto o omou hodo
kokoro motsurete yuku

My heart is entangled enough
that I think about you


sabishisa daki shimete
kagayaku tsuki o nagameteita
anata no sono omoi
watashi wa wakatteiru kara

Embracing the loneliness
I gazed at the shining moon
I understand
your feelings after all

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