Battle Against Mother Nature

Requested by Andrew. I think this album is completely done now. I’ll never forget how easy it was to format all the posts for this one, since the information was mostly the same each song.

☆ Album: >>>>
★ Album Artist: ZYTOKINE
☆ Vocals: cold kiss (Nana Takahashi (高橋 菜々))
★ Arrangement and lyrics: Linjin (隣人)
☆ Original Title: The Lost Emotion (亡失のエモーション)
★ Website:

いつか忘れていく 一瞬の輝き
大きな流れに 置いてけぼりの夢

itsu ka wasurete iku isshun no kagayaku
ooki na nagare ni oitekebori no yume
kibou no hate no ai

Someday I’ll forget, that moment of shining
The dream left behind in a great current
Love at the end of hope


meguru sekai no kotowari no kusari kara
nuke dasu tame no chikara
kibou to iu hakanai yume

The power to escape from the chains
of the ways of the revolving world
A fleeting dream called hope

闘う意思を 胸に刻んで 未来を描いて
独りきりで 願った希望の価値は
闘う意味を 求めすぎて また見失って
通り過ぎた 世界の嘘に焼かれたまま 僕は

tatakau ishi o mune ni kizande mirai o egaite
hitorikiri de negatta kibou no kachi wa
tatakau imi o motome sugite mata mi ushinatte
toori sugita sekai no uso ni yakareta mama boku wa

Carving the will to fight in my heart, I pictured the future
The value of the hope I wished for all alone
Seeking the meaning of fighting too much, I lost sight of it again
Remaining burned by the lies of the world, I passed through

いつか解けていく 一瞬の過ち
静かな流れに 逆らえない矛盾

itsu ka hodokete iku isshun no ayamachi
shizuka na nagare ni sakaraenai mujun
mujou no hate no ai

Someday it’ll come undone, the momentary mistake
The paradox of being unable to fight the calm current
The love at the end being emotionless


warau sekai no kotowari no jubaku kara
nogareru tame no chikara
kibou to iu hakanai uso

The power to escape from the curses
of the ways of the laughing world
A fleeting lie called hope

闘う意思を 力に変えて 軌跡を描いて
独りきりで 祈った希望の果てに
闘う意味も 知らないまま ただ灰になった
凍り付いた 世界の嘘を信じたまま 君は

tatakau ishi o chikara ni kaete kiseki o egaite
hitorikiri de inotta kibou no hate ni
tatakau imi mo shiranai mama tada hai ni natta
koori tsuita sekai no uso o shinjita mama kimi wa

I’ll turn my will to fight into power and draw my path
at the end of the hope I prayed for all alone
Not even knowing what it means to fight, I just turned to ash
As you believed in the world’s lies, you were frozen

闘う意思の 果てに消えた 命が凪いで
独りきりで 走る意味 問いかけた
闘う意味を ごまかしたまま また灰になった
独りきりで この世界と闘うとしても 僕

tatakau ishi no hate ni kieta inochi ga naide
hitorikiri de hashiru imi toi kaketa
tatakau imi o gomakashita mama mata hai ni natta
hitorikiri de kono sekai to tatakau toshitemo boku wa

At the end of the will to fight I faded, my life calmed
All alone, I questioned the meaning of running
Misrepresenting the meaning of fighting, I turned to ash again
Even if I fight against this world, I’m all alone


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