Warning: This song has been entirely transcribed and translated by ear. There could be mistakes.

You may have seen this one in my 15 song list. AdamKadmon is good, and this song has been a favourite of mine for a while, plus it’s rather short, so I decided to do this.

★ Title: 【Darkness】
☆ Album: Theater
★ Album Artist: AdamKadmon
☆ Vocals: Tamari (珠梨)
★ Lyrics and arrangement: Kamiyashiro (カミヤシロ)
☆ Original Title: Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night (夜のデンデラ野を逝く)
★ Website: http://ak-territory.com/index.html

夢から醒めても 暗闇の世界
真実は闇の渦 飲み込まれ
現実と恐怖 支配するものよ
暗黒の中へ その手翳して

yume kara sametemo kurayami no sekai
shinjitsu wa yami no uzu nomi komare
genjitsu to kyoufu shihai suru mono yo
ankoku no naka e sono te kazashite

Though I wake from my dream, the world’s in darkness
Truth is swallowed by a vortex of the dark
Those who rule over reality and fear,
raise your hands towards the center of the darkness!

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way
toki o kizamu yami to risou
mou todokanai

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way
Ideals and darkness ticking time away
No longer can I reach…


nemurenai yoru no mannaka de kazoe kirenai akumu ga mau
yami e to izanau tenshi wa akuma no kokoro o motta shihaisha

In the middle of a sleepless night, countless nightmares dance
The angel who beckoned me to the dark was tyrant wielding the heart of a devil

夢から醒めても 奏で合う魂
現実と恐怖 支配するものよ
暗黒の音を そう響かせて

yume kara sametemo kanade au tamashii
shinjitsu wa yami e toki hanatareta
genjitsu to kyoufu shihai suru mono yo
ankoku no oto o sou hibikasete

Though I wake from my dream, my soul is in harmony
Truth is set free to the darkness
Those who rule over reality and fear,
let the sound of darkness ring so!

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way
toki o meguru yami to kyoufu
mou modorenai

Fall into falling kiss, in darkness, in the way
Traveling through time, darkness and fear
No longer can I return…


nemurenai yoru no mannaka de kazoe kirenai akuma ga sabaku
yami e to izanau watashi o hiki tomeru mono wa dare mo inai no?

In the middle of a sleepless night, countless demons judge me
Is there no one to hold me back from luring you to the darkness?

15 sad songs

“Sad” used interchangeably with “emo,” this could also be called “10 alst songs.”I was listening to some Alst, as usual, when I suddenly thought “why haven’t I made a sad track playlist yet?” Then, I got the idea to make one of these. Two people have already posted things similar to this, so I figured I might as well too. In no particular order. Translations included in the videos where applicable.

Dim. Dream – Alstroemeria Records

“Dim. Dream” usually means “Dimensional Dream,” but this song takes “Dim” to literally mean dim. While the arrangement itself doesn’t exude any outright depressing vibes, it’s certainly feels bleak. The lyrics focus on uncertainty, and distance. The change in Ayakura’s voice in the final stanza is breathtaking, and the final two lines in particular are very strong and exude a great sense of anxiety, leaving you with the feeling of “Is this all there is?” “Will things ever get any better?”

End of Daylight – Alstroemeria Records

“The sun sets, everything ends
from now on, the power of darkness”
This song tells you that if you have any hope left, it’d be easier to just throw it away. There’s nothing left but darkness, so why not embrace it? Dance together with the darkness, and watch the others struggle to find light where there is none. The electric guitar (I think that’s what I’m hearing) really adds to the piece, but I can’t necessarily point out why.

Bad Apple!! – Alstroemeria Records

The song that made Alstroemeria famous, and for good reason. A song generally about not fitting in anywhere in the world. Is it still worth it to try and live a normal, white life? Is it too late? Perhaps you can’t, no matter how you try. If you can’t change, then maybe you should just give up and let it all turn black.

Icemilk Magic – Alstroemeria Records

You may start off with a dream, but that dream that was once so sweet turns against you, leading you down a path that’s nothing but cold. No matter your efforts, it’s useless. As you struggle to carry on to where your hopes ought to be, you’ll eventually be overcome. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like the arrangement itself gives off chilling vibes as well. When I listen to this song, I can easily imagine myself lost under a moon of dreams.

Necro Effect – Alstroemeria Records

Though it’s repetitive, I find that this adds to the song. When you’ve experienced next to nothing, no change in your life, it’s as if you’re trapped in a long slumber, waiting to wake up. Can you give up when you have so much left to experience? Yet at this rate, you’re achieving nothing. The days pass you by, and though you reach out, nothing changes. It’s as if you aren’t even truly alive.

Lost Emotion – Alstroemeria Records

Perhaps the newest song here. Can you hide behind a mask forever, claiming that you’re in heaven? Can you find that missing piece of yourself that you can’t live without? Even so, the show must go on, and you must continue to dance. Just how far can you go until you fall apart in this hell?

Shinto Shrine – Alstroemeria Records

Sitting at a Shinto Shrine at twilight, watching the sun set. While the brilliant orange colours are beautiful, they soon die out, and you’re left all alone, as devoid of colour and empty as the night sky.

Alice Maestera – Alstroemeria Records

The beginning portion is the best part of the original “Alice Maestra,” and Minoshima integrated it into an arrangement perfectly. Someday, you’ll have to part with the person dearest to you. Whether you’re ready for it or not, you’ll eventually be left behind, and loneliness will find you.

Maple Wizen – Alstroemeria Records

I feel like this song deserves a lot more recognition. It’s not really as emo as the rest, but I can’t ignore how amazing these lines are:
“Shining or bright? I’ll destroy these crimson nightmares:
Despair, anguish, and hatred, with my own hands
For certain, I’ll destroy the meaning of scarlet
I can not hesitate”

Days – Alstroemeria Records

Remember what I said about Alice Maestera? Here it is. Before you knew it, that person so close to you, who taught you the joy of living, is gone. With each ending comes a new beginning, but what good is a new beginning without you? Bonus points to this song for the track that joins on to it, “Beautiful Moment.” It gives this a perfect ending.

Dead Souls – Zytokine

You know a song from an album titled “Death” is going to be emo. I can’t recall the word for it, but the vocals are very slow paced, which really complements the slow beat. The lyrics are masterfully crafted- perhaps the best Linjin’s ever written, in my opinion. Normally his lyrics are more on the upside, so this was rather rare.

Seeds of Life – Sound Holic

It’s extremely rare for Yurica to sing a ballad like this, but you can really feel the emotion when it gets to the chorus, and the final stanza crowns the song perfectly in error-less English. I don’t have much else to say, so I’ll leave you with it.
“An imitation life that is without a light
Nobody could save my pain, so I’ve given up
I am a lonely mage who is just in a maze
Nothing heals or cures my forever loneliness”

【Darkness】 – AdamKadmon

While I haven’t been able to find lyrics for this song and thus have been unable to translate it properly, let me assure you that these lyrics are very dark, with a fittingly heavy arrangement to accompany it. The guitar solo that begins at 2:35 is particularly impressive.
“The angel inviting me to the darkness, wielding the heart of a devil, controlled me”
“Is there no one who will hold me back from the darkness I’ve been invited to?”

Nowhere Residents – Syrufit

Also, the Babbe remix. I admit, I picked this one partly because it has some sentimental value. Me, I’ve never lived anywhere for too long, always moving from one place to another. What do you say when someone asks you where you’re from? Do you say where you were born even though you barely know the place? Or where you’re currently living, even though you just got there? I’m not really from anywhere. A nowhere resident.

ラストジャッジメント – fromadistance

Another instrumental track. This track is very interesting. I can easily picture myself on my deathbed. First, all you hear is pipe organs, often found in churches, at funerals. Slowly, the melody from Shikieiki’s theme comes in, as if death is on its way to greet you. You can feel that these are your final moments on this earth, as the sounds begin to become distorted. All your senses begin to blur and fade. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to death’s door, and then—– that’s it.

Red Tears Doll

This album really is good. I was originally planning on doing Infinity Infinity after this and calling it a wrap, but I might do 乙女桜♡Graduation too. It’s long, but it looks pretty fun.

☆ Album: 怪 -KAI-
★ Album Artist: SOUND HOLIC
☆ Vocals: YURiCa (ユリカ)
★ Lyrics: Nana Takahashi (高橋菜々)
☆ Arrangement: 8STYLE
★ Original Title: the Last Judgement
・ Doll of Misery ( 悲しき人形 ~ Doll of Misery)
☆ Website: http://www.sound-holic.com/

生まれてからずっと この体を与えられ戦ってきたの でも
受け売りな形に疑問符が付いてから 空回りしてた

umarete kara zutto kono karada o ataerare tatakatte kita no demo
uke uri na katachi ni gimonfu ga tsuite kara karamawari shiteta

Ever since being born and given this body, I’ve always fought,
but after questioning this second hand form, it’s been futile

存在価値が何なのか 答えが見いだせない

sonzai kachi ga nan nano ka kotae ga mii dasenai
ano yami no tobira kara sasu hikari no yukue wa

What value does my life hold? I can’t find out an answer
As to where the light at the end of the tunnel is

Red Tears 流れた瞳が映した世界で 生かされていた窮屈な場所
もしも許されるなら夢を持ちたい 胸に高鳴るという情熱
口に出来ない憧れ抱いて 明日のページに そっとしたためた

Red Tears nagareta hitomi ga utsushita sekai de ikasareteita kyuukutsu na basho
moshi mo yurusareru nara yume o mochitai mune ni takanaru to iu jounetsu
kuchi ni dekinai akogare daite asu no peeji ni sotto shitatameta

In the world that the eyes that shed red tears reflects, I was made use of in close quarters
If I am permitted, I want to have dreams, passion that races through my heart
Embracing a yearning that I can’t put into words, gently I wrote on the page of tomorrow

押し殺す気持ちに終止符を 真っ直ぐに想いをぶつけた

oshi korosu kimochi ni shuushifu o massugu ni omoi o butsuketa

I put an end to my stifled feelings and directly released how I felt

存在意義に逆らって この外を見てみたい
どうか勇気を下さい 一歩踏み出す強さを

sonzai igi ni sakarette kono soto o mite mitai
douka yuuki o kudasai ippo fumi dasu tsuyosa o

I want to go against my life’s purpose, and try seeing what’s outside
Please, give me courage and strength to take the first step

Red Tears 溢れた涙で染まった心に 新たな意思が芽生え始めた
時に争う事が辛く苦しい 役に立たない罪の感情
抑えきれない欲望の果て サヨナラの文字 赤く滲んでく

Red Tears afureta namida de somatta kokoro ni arata na ishi ga mebae hajimeta
toki ni arasou koto ga tsuraku kurushii yaku ni natanai tsumi no kanjou
osae kirenai yokubou no hate sayonara no moji akaku nijinde ku

In my heart, stained by overflowing red tears, a new will began to sprout
Fighting every now and then is painfully strenuous, I feel sin for abandoning my duty
At the end of irrepressible desire, the letters of goodbye bleed red

存在意義に逆らって この外を見てみたい
どうか勇気を下さい 一歩踏み出す強さを

sonzai igi ni sakarette kono soto o mite mitai
douka yuuki o kudasai ippo fumi dasu tsuyosa o

I want to go against my life’s purpose, and try seeing what’s outside
Please, give me courage and strength to take the first step

So Sad あなたと過ごした思い出大事に 胸に仕舞って生きて行こうと
No Fears 自由を手にする喜び 自ら初めて選び満たされてゆく
けして許されない道だと知っても きっと未来に後悔はない
与えてくれた恩義を抱いて 過去のページに そっとしたためた
時に争う事が辛くて 役に立てずに不甲斐無かった
抑えきれない欲望の果て サヨナラの文字 書き残し去った Forever

So Sad anata to sugoshita omoide daiji ni mune ni shimatte ikite yukou to
No Fears jiyuu o te ni suru yorokobi mizukara hajimete erabi mitasarete yuku
keshite yurusarenai michi da to shittemo kitto mirai ni koukai wa nai
ataete kureta ongi o daite kako no peeji ni sotto shitatameta
toki ni arasou koto ga tsurakute yaku ni tatezu ni fugai nakatta
osae kirenai yokubou no hate sayonara no moji kaki nokoshi satta Forever

So Sad, I vow to live on with the precious memories of time I spent with you in my heart
No Fears, having chosen for myself for the first time, I’m filled with the joy of freedom
Even though it’s a road that’s absolutely unpermitted, I’m sure I won’t regret this in the future
Embracing the debt that I owe you, gently I write on the page of yesterday
Fighting every now and then is painful, it was cowardly to abandon my duty
At the end of irrepressible desire, the letters of goodbye, I leave written behind forever

背徳の蕾 | Sprout of Corruption

Requested by YuukaKazami. It’s easy to think of IOSYS simply as meme music, but they do have some more serious songs too. It’s weird that three lyricists worked on a single song though.

Notes: Regarding the first line, “blood,” meaning lineage in this context, is a very loose translation. more strictly means “inherent nature / disposition,” but when we talk about inborn traits, we’re right alongside the topic of genealogy. You know what I mean?
Anyway, I figured it sounded more fitting than “pure in nature.”

★ Title: 背徳の蕾
☆ Album: 東方浮思戯革命
★ Album Artist: IOSYS
☆ Vocals: Dummy
★ Arrangement: ARM
☆ Lyrics: hakase (はかせ)
・ Yoshimi Youno (夕野ヨシミ)
★ Original Titles: Septette for the Dead Princess (亡き王女の為のセプテット)
☆ Website: http://www.iosysos.com/

穢れ無き性 紅蓮の瞳
月夜を濡らす 誇り貴き薔薇

kegare naki saga guren no hitomi
tsukiyo o nurasu hokori takaki bara

Of pure blood, eyes like a crimson lotus
The noble and proud rose saturates the moonlit night

小さき唇 生き血を貪り
欲望を玩ぶ 堕天使の宴

chiisaki kuchibiru ikichi o musabori
yokubou o moteasobu datenshi no utage

Devouring blood of the living with her delicate lips,
she toys with desire, during the feast of fallen angels

幼き姿で 骸と戯れ
運命を卑しめる 背徳の蕾

osanaki sugata de mukuro to tawamure
unmei o iyashimeru haitoku no tsubomi

Frolicking with corpses with her young figure,
she looks down upon fate, the sprout of corruption

紅い闇に煙る棘 甘く香り 罪を誘う
古より科せられしは 悲哀の歴史

akai yami ni keburu odoro amaku kaori tsumi o sasou
inishie yori kaserareshi wa hiai no rekishi

The bushes fuming in the crimson night invite sin with their sweet smell
A history of anguish is what’s been imposed since ancient times

無慈悲の翼 滅びの遊戯
月夜を統べる 貴き末裔

mujihi no tsubasa horobi no yuugi
tsukiyo o suberu toutoki matsuei

Her wings merciless, it’s a game of destruction
The noble descendant rules the moonlit night

傅く事さえ 誉れとなるなら
憂い無き恍惚に ただ委ねるのみ

kashizuku koto sae homare to naru nara
urei naki koukotsu ni tada yudaneru nomi

If it’s an honour just to serve her
you can only leave yourself to the serene ecstasy