セルフ・トーキング 或いは 魔女というガラクタによる魂の在り処への言及のバラード

Requested by Quwanti. The title is long enough as it is in Japanese, so I’ll translate it here instead of the usual title spot. It does give a small clue as to what’s going on in the song, though.
“Self talking, or perhaps, a ballad by trash known as a witch alluding to the whereabouts of her soul”

If there’s a doujinshi to go along with this, like there is for the Tshirt Cat n_tegral songs, then I wish I could read it to get some good context.

Notes: A lot of these words have double meanings (by which I mean the singer sings something different from what’s written), so I tried to accommodate that by combining words, sort of. In one instance, world is sung and illusion is written, so I wrote illusionary world. Same thing for heart and mirror, but the best adjective for heart was cardiac. It sounds somewhat bad, but I can’t think of any better way. Sometimes, “you” is sung as “me,” and vice versa, so I simply wrote that as “our.”
On another note, “to be or not to be” is a very loose translation of its line, I will admit, but I find it very fitting and overall conveys the same meaning.

★ Title: セルフ・トーキング 或いは 魔女というガラクタによる魂の在り処への言及のバラード
☆ Album: 喜劇機械 もしくは、ジェーン・ドゥ達によるパラード
★ Album Artist: 凋叶棕
☆ Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
★ Lyrics and arrangment: RD-Sounds
☆ Original Titles: The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (魔法少女達の百年祭)
★ Website: http://www.rd-sounds.com/

あるいは生きて あるいは事切れて

arui wa ikite arui wa koto kirete
moto wa subete hitotsu no mono ga

To be or not to be?
All that once was one,


ari to arayuru bougyaku no hate ni
ikuta no kakera ni wakatareta

at the end of all conceivable tyranny,
has been split into countless fragments


「anata no sugata wa」
「mi shiranu dare ka ga」
「shiiteki ni yugame」
「sono kairaku no tame」
「te nagusami teido ni mo」
「kyoumi honi ni mo」
「anata wa umarete」

“Our figures”
“Someone unfamiliar”
“Arbitrarily distorts”
“For the pleasure of it”
“So much as to keep themselves occupied”
“To sate their curiousity”
“We are born”

ーーshouhi sarete iku.

ーーand are expended.


kagami no naka ni iru.
kagami ni utsusareteiru.
kagami ni torawareteiru.

Living inside the mirror.
Reflected in the mirror.
Trapped in the mirror.

醜く歪む その全てを忌避して

minikuku yugamu sono subete o kihi shite
tada junsui na mono o motome

Avoiding everything that twists hideously
Only seeking that which is pure

そうしていつか 辿り着く幻想

soushite itsu ka tadori tsuku sekai
sore wa subete ga utsukushii

In doing so, the illusionary world I’ll someday reach
Everything in it is beautiful


「sekai no sugata wa」 「sekai no sugata ga」

“The world’s form is ” “what the world’s form shows:”

「anata o tooshite」「miseteiru maboroshi」

“An illusion” “shown through you”

「kagami ni utsushita」「anata no sekai wa」

“Your illusionary world” “projected in the mirror”


ーーsazokashi suteki ni utsuru deshou ne

ーーcertainly it’s captivating, is it not?


yugamerarete iku sekai no hashibashi kara
dare mo sono hontou no sugata o shiranai
ayumi yotte tsukuri ageta sekai sae
sono kokoro o utsusu kagiri ni wa
subete yugamasete

From all ends of the world, being twisted,
there’s no one who knows its true form
Even the world itself, built through compromise,
as long as it projects your heart,
causes everything to distort


kagami no naka ni iru.
kagami ni utsusareteiru.
kagami ni torawareteiru.

Living inside the mirror.
Reflected in the mirror.
Trapped in the mirror.


…kitto ima mo.

…Surely, even now.


kazoekirenai kagami ni utsuru watashi no sugata
kazoekirenai kagami ni utsuru watashi no sugata

My countless figures reflected the mirror ɘʜƚ ni bɘƚɔɘlʇɘɿ ƨɘɿuǫiʇ ƨƨɘlƚnuoɔ yM


utsukushii sono sekai wa sono kokoro no utsukushisa yue
minikui sono sekai wa sono kokoro no minikusa yue ni

Your beautiful world is because of your cardiac mirror’s beauty
Your ugly world is because of your cardiac mirror’s ugliness


mui ni umi dasarete wa kiete iku sono sekai ni
tamashii naki garakuta no nageki ga kodama suru

In those worlds, born only to fade away with no purpose,
as a soulless piece of trash, my lamentation echoes


nanto minikui sekai de aru koto ka to
onore o umi dashita higaisha o norottemo
sono kokoro ga utsushi dasu maboroshi wa
mata hitori arata na giseisha o
unde iku

How could this world be so ugly?
Even if I curse the suffering creator who bore me,
the illusion your heart projects
gives birth to yet another me
A new victim


kono watashi no tamashii no arika nado
sonna mono wa ari nado shinai to shittemo
mui ni umare mui ni kesarete iku nara
semete mo no hangyaku no negai o
anata koso douka

The whereabouts of the soul of someone like me
Such a thing doesn’t exist, I know, but even so,
if we’re to be born and to be erased without purpose,
fulfill our minimal wishes for rebellion
Please, for us


sukui no ubugoe to nare.
kono sekai o nige dasu no da.
watashi wa watashi ni katari tsudzuketeiru.

Become the first cry of salvation.
We will escape this world.
I keep talking to myself.


kagami no naka ni iru.
kagami ni utsusareteiru.
kagami ni torawareteiru.

Living inside the mirror.
Reflected in the mirror.
Trapped in the mirror.


…soshite ima mo.

…and so still even now.


watashi ga anata anata mo watashi
arui wa soko no kanojo mo watashi

I am you, and you are me
Perhaps that girl there is also me


2 thoughts on “セルフ・トーキング 或いは 魔女というガラクタによる魂の在り処への言及のバラード

  1. Thanks for the translation ! You make a good work, like always ! You know, this sort of song is always a pain to translate, personnally (I know it), but I really love all the efforts your put on it. Even if there are some stanzas that you don’t translate exactly, I prefer to have a translation with sens than a litteral translation, just like you do. So, you make a good work ! By the way I don’t find this CD of RD-Sounds in the website. It’s a little CD of a special event ? I don’t see it in the website…

    Good day, by the way !

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