Are You Ready

Requested by Idan. If I understand correctly, S2TB Gathering 2013 was a live event and not an album.
As usual with non-touhou posts, I’m not 100% confident if I have all the information right, so correct me if I misunderstood something.

★ Title: Are You Ready
☆ Vocals: Yukacco
☆ Arrangement: kors k
★ Website:

歌え 叫べ いくよ

hajimaru toki o jitto matteru
me o toji kanjiru mama toki hanate
utae sakebe iku yo

Waiting patiently for the moment to begin
Let go as you close your eyes and just feel
Sing, shout, here we go

Are you ready ここから始まる
Are you ready 僕らの軌跡
Are you ready みんなで作る証だから

Are you ready koko kara hajimaru
Are you ready bokura no kiseki
Are you ready minna de tsukuru akashi dakara

Are you ready? It starts from here on out
Are you ready? The path we’ll take
Are you ready? Is a proof we all create together

Are you ready 君を待ってる
Are you ready 準備は出来てる?
Are you ready 乗り遅れないように
両手あげて 高く

Are you ready kimi o matteru
Are you ready junbi wa dekiteru?
Are you ready nori okurenai you ni
ryoute agete takaku

Are you ready? We’re waiting for you
Are you ready? Have you prepared?
Are you ready? So you don’t get left behind
raise your arms up high

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