A mellow in Ring

I woke up really feeling it for this song. It’s Shuriken lyrics, but I decided to take a shot at it despite that. What is a mellow ring anyways?

I figure this song has something to do with Yukari creating Gensokyo and bringing together the youkai without a place in the modern world, but, well, I’m not sure. The lyrics are very hard to understand. I feel like that “I pray anyone but you will rot away” line is about Renko, but that’s just me projecting RenkoxMerry feelings.

Note: はれあがり has the possibility of being 晴れ上がり, but given that it’s talking about crying, I figure it’s 腫れ上がり.

★ Title: A mellow in Ring
☆ Album: ロープ
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
★ Lyrics: shuriken
☆ Arrangement: NSY
★ Original Title: Charming Domination ~ Who done it! (妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it?)
☆ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/


yagate surari nobiteita
rakugaki no you na kage dake
kondo wa hitori janai to ii

Eventually it extended without trouble
Just a shadow similar to a sketch
I hope I’m not all alone this time


nanbiki no yami o
tsudowaseta no darou

Just how many creatures
of darkness have I caused to gather?

綺麗ね 暮れかけた陽の
つれない またねの声に
街中 灯りでこたえ

kirei ne kure kaketa hi no
tsurenai mata ne no koe ni
machijuu akari de kotae
sore o kiiteita

Isn’t it pretty? The sun had began to set
It said “see you later” with a cold voice
The town responded by turning on the lights
It had heard

涙を この目は 知りすぎて 痛む

kiri bari no merou ringu
hare agari
namida o kono me wa shiri sugite itamu

The cut-and-paste mellow ring
swells up
My eyes know tears all too well, it hurts


afurete nugui kiru
koto mo nai
ato sukoshi yuuki ga
areba yokatta noni

There’s no such thing as wiping it all away
with it flooding out

How I wish I had
just a little more courage

泣くな 夢を見れたのなら
言ってくれよ 消えたのなら

naku na yume o mireta no nara
itte kureyo kieta no nara

Don’t cry, if you were able have a dream
Come on and tell me, if it’s disappeared


ne tsukenai de itara moshi
hontou wa uchi akerarenai
tooi kako no you na mirai e

Suppose I was unable to go to sleep
Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to be honest
I’m heading to a future that looks like the distant past


senya nochi ni aou
itoshii mama da yo

Let’s meet after a thousand nights
It’ll be just as lovely

ごめんね 出しかけた手を
僕には 掴めなくてさ
お願い 君だけは永遠

gomen ne dashi kaketa te o
boku ni wa tsukamenakute sa
onegai kimi dake wa towa
kuchi hate asezu ni

I’m sorry, it’s just impossible for me
to catch that hand you started to reach out
I pray that anyone but you will rot away
to fade for eternity


yado nashi no merou ringu
tsumi to sure
bachi atari no nomu
shizukesa o konomu

If we take the homeless mellow ring
to be a sin
then I’d prefer the wicked
engulfing silence


itsuwari kobami
shijuu hakaru yori
ude wa sode ni yaru
kowa sugite shimau

Rather than rejecting the ungenuine
and taking measurements the whole time
I’ll turn my arm into a sleeve
It’s much too frightening

お帰り迷子 やっと着いたね

shimi hitotsu mo nai kokoro made
kumo hitotsu mo nai sora e tatte
ao ishoku no mizu no naka e
okaeri maigo yatto tsuita ne

All the way to a heart without a single stain
Taking off towards a sky without a single cloud
Into water that’s blue and nothing else
Welcome home, lost child, I see you’ve finally arrived


misemono koya no soko kara
ii n da kono mama hotte oite

From the depths of a circus tent
It’s alright, I won’t bother you like this