Happy New Year

­­­­    Happy New Year, everyone! I’m always bad at writing this kind of stuff, but I felt like I should probably say something. In less than 2 months (Feb 19th), the one year anniversary marking the day I opened this translation site will arrive. The thought that nearly a year has passed already since then is crazy, and a lot of things have changed since I first opened this place. I see myself transcribing songs by ear with precise accuracy, and often reading booklet sheets without the need to use any dictionaries. That used to be just a fantasy. I used to be happy getting just a handful of visitors, and now I find myself getting more in a single day than I did in an entire week back then. Without you all, this would never have happened.

­­­    At the risk of sounding like a huge turbonerd, I have to say that this hobby has really improved my life. Before this, my life had taken a big turn for the worse. With being separated from all my dear friends who I believe I’ll never be able to replace, having all chances at a relationship with a nice girl stolen by uncontrollable circumstances, and nearly completely giving up on my Japanese study, as well as with other things happening, it wasn’t looking good. Slowly, I started getting deeper and deeper into Touhou music, and became fascinated with the lyrics (thanks to a certain pre-existing translator). As the story goes, I once found a song with no English lyrics to be found anywhere, couldn’t handle not knowing them, and decided to make my own subbed video, like the cool people do. Over the months, I slowly began making more and more, until one day I decided to make this wordpress, and I felt like I had gained a new purpose in life, a reason to keep pushing through the tedium of the real world.

­    That’s enough about me though, I want to thank you all more than anything.
To thank Alice, Ammy, The Hakurou Tengu, Nitori, 0P2C, Parasite, Primity, and a few others, for trusting my works and making all those subbed videos.
To thank all the people that comment on my site, for showing your appreciation, pointing out mistakes, wishing me happy holidays, helping me find lyrics, and giving requests, even if I don’t always respond back.
To thank all my Twitter followers, who I still have no idea as to why they even do follow me in the first place.
Of course, to thank all you others who silently read my works as well.
And lastly, to thank Kafka, without whom I would have never gotten started with all this or came so far as I am now.
I know thanks isn’t much, so just remember that with every post I make, I have you all in my heart.

­    Now, a New Year is about to begin, a new game is about to start. Insert Coin(s) to continue and may the cycle repeat another round. Another year of translations, another year of music events, another year of work to make our dreams come true. Happy New Years, and may it be one to remember.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Amen! Thank you so much for your hard working, you really did a good job during the year of 2014 c(>v<c). So please keep it up this year! *big hug*

    Let's hope for a year with more and more beautiful TH songs translated, fufu~

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