Few errors in my by-ear transcription fixed, Nachi’s voice is not easy to transcribe. Man, the Alst album this time around sure is better than FLASHLIGHT, not to mention the original POP | CULTURE. I’m especially enjoying “Sensitive Crisis,” despite not normally being a fan of the style.

Note: I am not going to be spacing out Comiket 87 Alstroemeria Records translations. When I get lyrics for these, I am marathon posting right away. Same with ZYTOKINE, of course.

☆ Title: Snowlight
★ Album: POP | CULTURE 2
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: Nachi Sakaue (坂上なち)
☆ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
★ Lyrics: Haruka
☆ Website:

ここからは一人で 歩むことを誓う
君の手を離した 心離れずに
残された思い出 今も消えないでいるよ
すべてを塗り替えて すべて白にして

koko kara wa hitori de ayumu koto o chikau
kimi no te o hanashita kokoro hanarezu ni
nokosareta omoide ima mo kienai de iru yo
subete o nuri kaete subete shiro ni shite

Vowing to walk on without you, all alone here on out
I let go of your hand without moving on emotionally
Even now I’m left unable to erase these left behind memories
Coat everything over, turn it all white

景色を白に変えて リセットしたい心も
降り積もる雪のよう 心は重いままで
何度も叫んでいた 君の名を呼んでいた
それはひとつの終わり 後悔が積もるだけ

keshiki o shiro ni kaete risetto shitai kokoro mo
furi tsumoru yuki no you kokoro wa omoi mama de
nando mo sakendeita kimi no na o yondeita
sore wa hitotsu no owari koukai ga tsumoru dake

Turn the scenery all white, and the heart I want to reset
Just like a fresh layer of snow, my heart remains heavy
Over and over I shouted, called out your name
That was my single ending, and the regrets just pile up

これからは一人で 雪の中を歩く
暖かい君の手 今夜はもうない
残された思いは 少しずつ消えていくの
でもすべての記憶 雪が刻んでた

kore kara wa hitori de yuki no naka o aruku
atatakai kimi no te konya wa mou nai
nokosareta omoi wa sukoshi zutsu kiete yuku no
demo subete no kioku yuki ga kizandeta

From now on, I walk through the snow alone
Tonight I don’t have your warm hand to hold on to
Will my remaining thoughts disappear little by little?
All my memories are marked by the snow though

忘れたいこの想い 何度も思い出して
降り積もる雪はまた 私を惑わさせる
白い悪、そんな雪 私はそう思えた
それはひとつの終わり 忘れない胸の傷

wasuretai kono omoi nando mo omoi dashite
furi tsumoru yuki wa mata watashi o madowasaseru
shiroi aku sonna yuki watashi wa sou omoeta
sore wa hitotsu no owari wasurenai mune no kizu

I recall the memories I want to forget over and over
The snow falling at my feet causes me to lose my way again
“It’s white evil, that snow,” I considered it so
That was my single ending, the unforgettable scar in my heart

それでも降り続く 全てを白にして
私の心だけ 白にはなれないの
貴方を手放した 後戻りできない
何度も手を伸ばし 触れては解けてゆく

sore demo furi tsudzuku subete o shiro ni shite
watashi no kokoro dake shiro ni wa narenai no
anata o tebanashita ato modori dekinai
nando mo te o nobashi furete wa tokete yuku

It continues to snow anyways, turning everything white
Is my heart the only thing unable to turn white?
I let go of your hand, there’s no going back anymore
I reach my hand out countlessly, and it melts at a touch

このまま眠りたい すべてを忘れたい
貴方といた記憶 それも溶かしたいの
触れては消える雪 消えないこの記憶
消えない消せないよ 白い雪の記憶

kono mama nemuritai subete o wasuretai
anata to ita kioku sore mo tokashitai no
furete wa kieru yuki kienai kono kioku
kienai kisenai yo shiroi yuki no kioku

I want to sleep as it is, I want to forget everything
The memories of being with you, I want those to melt too
Snow that melts at a touch, and my unfading memories
They won’t go, and I can’t make them
My white snow memories

Infinite Being

Looks like this song isn’t on youtube yet, somehow. I just love the name of this song, it’s a very awe-inspiring title. An “infinite being” sounds even more powerful than a god, if you were to ask me. The final stanza is the best part of it.

☆ Title: Infinite Being
★ Album: Dolls
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: nomico
☆ Lyrics: Haruka
★ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
☆ Original Title: Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being)
★ Website:

Time goes by, and follow
There is always me in a dream
Gather in a dark night
I don’t need to die in a dream

Dream does not fade away
Dance a beloved servant a dark night
Gather in a dark night
Because there is the fantasy

Time goes by, and follow
There is always me in a dream
Gather in a dark night
I don’t need to die in a dream

悲しい夢は 見せないわ
癒してあげる 私が
幻想の地で 舞えばいい私と
夢幻の時と 罰と闇
終わらぬ時が あるから
幻想の地の 永遠よ 私は

kanashii yume wa misenai wa
iyashite ageru watashi ga
gensou no chi de maeba ii watashi to
mugen no toki to batsu to yami
owaranu toki ga aru kara
gensou no chi no eien yo watashi wa

I won’t show you any sad dreams
I’ll be the one to heal all of your wounds
It’s best to dance on these fantastic grounds here with me
The time, punishment, and darkness is dreamlike
We have unlimited time after all
I am the eternity of this land of fantasy