Requested by Flaemes, I’m starting to get a lot of requests piled up now. Cue sirens blaring in the background, I’ve gone against the original order I was supposed to do them in. Being very overdue on working on requests, I figured I’d start off here with what looks like the shortest one. I can’t recall if Kafka said he’d do 昊飛ぶ郵便屋さん, but if so, that might be an extra one off the list, and a very tough looking one, at that.

Notes: 「そんな夢に ah…」 is effectively untranslatable, given the grammatical structure of English. There is no verb. I put it as “I’ll see your dream and ah…,” but there is no “see,” I only wrote that there to allow me to put “and” in as well, so I could add in the vagueness of the original line. To give a more literal translation, it’d be “I’ll ___ your dream.”

★ Title: Lunicode
☆ Album: Perpetual Devotion
★ Album Artist: EastNewSound
☆ Vocals: Yura Hatsuki(葉月ゆら)
★ Lyrics: Kaito (海兎)
☆ Arrangement: Kirin (きりん)
★ Original Titles: Strange, Strange Instruments (不思議な不思議な道具達)
☆ Website:

閉ざした景色は 逆さまデタラメ
好きとか嫌いじゃ 視えない裏と表
口には出せない 貴方のコトだと

tozashita keshiki wa sakasama detarame
suki toka kirai ja mienai ura to omote
kuchi ni wa dasenai anata no koto da to
hontou wa nan ni mo kawatteinai hazu de

This sealed off scenery is upside down, all nonsense
Love and hate, they’re both unseeable sides of the same coin
I can’t express how I feel about you
all because I thought nothing would be different

ありふれたエブリデイ 唐突に過ぎて
忘れられたサムデイ ”私、此処にいるよ”

arifureta eburidei toutotsu ni sugite
wasurerareta samudei “watashi, koko ni iru yo”

Everyday, plain as always, passes by all of a sudden
Someday, forgotten, “I’ll be right here”

否定したいよ こんな結末
何時か貴方の為に そんな夢に ah…

hitei shitai yo konna ketsumatsu
itsu ka anata no tame ni sonna yume ni ah…

I don’t want to accept an ending like this
Someday, for your sake, I’ll see your dream and ah…

二人 笑い合うエブリデイ 壊れてしまうよ
裏表のサムデイ ”私、此処にいるよ”

futari warai au eburidei kowarete shimau yo
uraomote no samudei “watashi, koko ni iru yo”

Everyday, with us smiling at each other, accidentally fell apart
Someday, double dealing, “I’ll be right here”


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