root_B / nephilim

Requested by Primity, been a while since I did a Syrufit song. I’m honestly very surprised this song was left untranslated though. Beautiful stuff.

★ Title: root_B / nephilim
☆ Album: Love=ALL
★ Album Artist: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆Vocals and lyrics: Tsubaki Ichimatsu (市松 椿)
★ Arrangement: Mano
☆ Original Title: Voile, the Magic Library (ヴワル魔法図書館)
・The Young Descendant of Tepes (ツェペシュの幼き末裔)


sekai ga saigo no kokyuu o shitara
sono toki shinwa ga owaru no darou
michi naki michi e to susumu ketsui de
bokura wa kagayaki hajimeru

When the world breathes its last breath
at that time, legends will also end won’t they
With determination to proceed down a roadless path
we begin to shine

土を起こして 木々を倒して

chihei o oyogu sakana ni natte
tsuchi o okoshite kigi o taoshite
naku yume o mita n da

I had a dream where I became a fish out of water
I disturbed the land, knocked down trees
and I cried


karera ga egaku risoukyou de wa
tashika na mono wa nani mo nai noni
dare mo ga shiawase da

In the Arcadia that those guys envision
though there’s nothing that’s for certain
everyone is in happiness


nando mo nando mo furi kaettemo
bokura wa ayamachi kuri kaeshiteru
sore demo motomezu ni wa irarenai
aa yokubukaki ningen da boku wa

Time and time again, even though we look back
we keep repeating mistakes
Even so, we can’t help but seek
Ah, I’m such a greedy human being, aren’t I


ai no you ni junsui janai kedo
hito o aisu you ni
sekai o uragiru
kimi o aisu you ni

Although it’s not pure like love
in order to love people
I’ll betray the world
In order to love you


daichi ga ochiru aizu ga natte
hito wa sorezore ten ni mukatte
kouseki o sakenda

Signs that the world will fall came to be
People each looked up to the heavens
and shouted out their good deeds


ai no you ni junsui janai kara
hito o uragitte
kizutsuke au bakari de
sore demo uke irete
iku shika nai naraba
hito o aisu you ni
sekai daki shimeta
kimi o aisu you ni

Because it’s not pure like love
I betray mankind
we all just hurt each other
But even so, I’ll accept it
if we can do nothing but move on
In order to love people
I embraced the world
In order to love you


4 thoughts on “root_B / nephilim

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  2. well, I said that I would finish the video eventually, so here it is:

    made a romaji correction, “tashika mono…” na was accidentally omitted –> “tashika na mono…”

    sorry I took as long as I did though, lol. i’ve freed up some time recently so hopefully next time I make a request and plan a video for it, it won’t take as long.

    also, thanks for the shoutout on your New Year post, I very much appreciate it and really enjoy working with you. if you don’t mind, can you replace your link to my video channel with the following playlist? that way it’ll filter out all the stuff that aren’t Touhou translations.

    thanks much and thanks again, Amen

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