Love Death

Requested by Jennifer, I’m not used to translating lewd songs like this, but it was a nice change from the regular old lyrics I’ve been doing.

★ Artist: Nem
☆ Vocals: 鏡音レン Append (Power)
★ Composition and lyrics: mothy

この世界のオトコじゃ 物足りないでしょう

motto shigeki ga hoshii tte?
donna fuu ni shite ageyou?
kono sekai no otoko ja monotarinai deshou?

You say you want more excitement?
In what way shall I do that for you?
You aren’t satisfied with the men in this world are you

君のハート あの世へご招待!

bokue wa koi no shinigami sa
kimi no haato ano yo e goshoutai

I am the death god of love you see
I invite your heart to a new world!

果てることのない 永遠の快楽を
ここは天国か? それとも地獄か?
ほらココロとカラダ 僕に委ねなよ

hateru koto no nai eien no kairaku o
koko wa tengoku ka? soretomo jigoku ka?
hora kokoro to karada boku ni yudanena yo

There’s no end to this eternal pleasure
Is this place heaven? Or otherwise is it hell?
Go on, leave your heart and body to me


amaenbou no koneko chan
tsugi wa donna koe de naku?
sonna ni nachatte
mou gaman dekinai no kai?

My spoiled kitten
what kind of sound will you make next?
Becoming like that
have you lost your self control?

跪いて 上目遣いで
おねだりしな ほら声が小さい!

hizamazuite uwamedzukai de
onedari shina hora koe ga chiisai!

Get on your knees and look up at me
Beg for me, look, your voice is weak!

強欲な君に ご褒美をあげよう
理性は捨てちゃって 本能のままに
ほら過去も未来も 僕に委ねなよ

gouyoku na kimi ni gohoubi o ageyou
risei wa sutechatte honnou no mama ni
hora kako mo mirai mo boku ni yudanena yo

Let’s give you a prize for your greed
Throw away all reason, follow your instinct
Go on, for past and future, leave yourself to me


kocchi ka, acchi ka
docchi ni ikitai?

Like this, or that?
How do you want to come?

覚めることのない 永遠の夢だ
これは幻か? それとも現実?
奪われたいなら 呼んでみるがいいさ
ほらすぐ後ろに 恋の死神が
そんな世界捨てて 僕に溺れなよ

sameru koto no nai eien no yume da
kore wa maboroshi ka? sore tomo genjitsu?
ubawaretai nara yondemiru ga ii sa
hora sugu ushiro ni koi no shinigami ga
kakugo o kimetara, saa
sonna sekai sutete boku ni oborena yo

It’s an eternal dream with no waking up
Is this just fantasy? Or is it reality?
If you want to be swept away, just go on and call out
Look, the death god of love will be right behind you
When you’ve prepared yourself, come along,
throw away that other world, and lose yourself in me


2 thoughts on “Love Death

  1. Oh oh can I request a translation~? (pretty pleaaaase)
    I’d like to do a subbed video for Halloween and I though about IOSYS’s Halloween album from TH Kouroumu 9, there’s this song called “あの少女の愛がまるで人形のように嘘めいていたとしても” with Meramipop on the vocals. The lyrics are not very long! Here:

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