While Hiding A Crime

Requested by Ammy because I totally forgot I was supposed to be doing FELT songs, here is a song about Eirin coming to terms with living on Earth and recognizing its beauty after being homesick.

★ Title: While Hiding A Crime
☆ Album: Fortunes Gate
★ Album Artist: FELT
☆ Vocals and lyrics: Mika[?] (美歌)
☆ Arrangement: NAGI☆
★ Original Title: Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon (千年幻想卿 ~ History of the Moon)
☆ Website: http://feltmusic.net/

空の蒼が包み込んだ 君の世界に一つ
音を足して響かせた 眠ったままの泪

sora no ao ga tsutsumi konda kimi no sekai ni hitotsu
oto o tashite hibikaseta nemutta mama no namida

In your world wrapped up by the sky’s blue
was a tear that made a single sound in the midst of sleep

溶かすように 拭うように そっと 指先が触れた
その瞬間 はじけ飛んだ 錆びついた小さな鍵

tokasu you ni nuguu you ni sotto yubisaki ga fureta
sono shunkan hajike tonda sabi tsuita chiisa na kagi

As if melting away, as if wiping it away, gently brushed your fingertip
In that moment, a small rusty lock burst open

月を隠した雲が 今日を切なくさせた
流れる時間にただ身を任せて 光 想い浮かべた
扉の奥広がる 色のついた足跡
静かな追い風のせいにして 歩 はじめればいい

tsuki o kakushita kumo ga kyou o setsunaku saseta
nagareru toki ni tada mi o makasete hikari omoi ukabeta
tobira no oku hirogaru iro no tsuita ashiato
shizuka na oi kaze no sei ni shite ayumi hajimereba ii

The clouds that hid away the moon made today agonizing
Simply leaving my body to the flow of time, I recalled the light
Footprints imprinted with colour spread out from the inside the door
I should put the blame on the quiet wind chasing me and start walking

大きく息を呑みこんだ じんわり甘い 季節
探りながら踏みしめる 重なる木の葉の音

ookiku iki o nomi konda jinwari amai kisetsu
sagurinagara fumi shimeru kasanaru ko no ha no oto

The gradually sweet seasons took away my breath with grandiose
Stepping with heavy tread while exploring, the sound of the leaves overlap

深い傷も 癒してきた 罪をまた隠しながら
もう戻れぬ 色褪せない ふとよぎる愛しい日々

fukai kizu mo iyashite kita tsumi o mata kakushinagara
mou modorenu iro asenai futo yogiru itoshii hibi

Again while hiding a crime that came to heal even my deep wounds
the lovely undulling days in which I can’t return suddenly go by

揺れる髪にぽつりと 落ちた雨の粒は
この頬伝って空へと消えた 呼んでいるかのように
遠く見つめ続ける 蒼い蒼い瞳が
映した願い事 叶うまで いつも見守っている

yureru kami ni potsuri to ochita ame no tsubu wa
kono hoo tsutatte sora e to kieta yondeiru kano you ni
tooki mitsume tsudzukeru aoi aoi hitomi ga
utsushita negaigoto kanau made itsu mo mi mamotteiru

The droplets of rain that fell into my swaying hair
followed down my cheek and disappeared into the sky as if calling out
Until the wishes projected by her blue, blue eyes
that continue to gaze off far come true, I’ll always be watching over her

月夜が作りだした 淡い眺めに この手
かざして確かめた 明日の力 掴む 譲れぬ想い
幼い日に描いていた 未来予想図はまだ
形を変えずに心の底で ずっと導いている

tsukiyo ga tsukuri dashita awai nagame ni kono te
kazashite tashikameta asu no chikara tsukamu yuzurenu omoi
osanai hi ni egaiteita mirai yosou zu wa mada
katachi o kaezu ni kokoro no soko de zutto michibiiteiru

I reach out my hands to the faint view made by the moonlit night
and grasp the power of a certain tomorrow, I can’t hand over these feelings
The drawing of what I thought the future would be that I drew during days of youth
still without a change remains always guiding me from the depths of my heart


4 thoughts on “While Hiding A Crime

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    • Aaah, that’s dumb of me. I made this exact mistake before with other FELT songs, but I thought I had it all fixed. Thanks for pointing that out, you saved me there.

  2. I’m the person who originally sent the request for all these songs to Kafka-Fuura, and I just really want to thank the both of you. This has really helped me out a lot. Also, if you’re having trouble finding Japanese lyrics for any of the remaining songs, I know where you can find some for a couple songs.

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