葬迎 | Burial Meeting

More related to Dolls in Pseudo Paradise. Having actually read it now, I can make some commentary.

This would seem to be talking about the most cowardly, evidence being that he is the one who had “died” and been reborn, and whose lover vanished. This explains some lines such as being “a former dead man” and how he’s in love with who he meets. From this reasoning, the one he meets is likely the most beautiful.

Thinking back on the lyrics, they’re so vague that they seem like they could come from either the most beautiful’s perspective of the most cowardly’s. In other words, it’s up to you to decide what’s going on now. Did the coward find the most beautiful and capture her? Or was the coward the one caught? Did the slaughtered bodies give away the position of the most beautiful as revenge on her? Or were they serving her pointing out the most cowardly?

★ Title: 葬迎
☆ Album: 屠 -Hohuri-
★ Album Artist: 凋叶棕
☆ Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
★Lyrics and arrangment: RD-Sounds
☆ Website: http://www.rd-sounds.com/


soshite nagaki ni wataru hibi no hate
keshi kirenai kioku no ido no soko kara
doko ka ibitsu na sono ningyoutachi ga
itsu ka tsure datte mukae ni kuru no da

And now at the end of the days that went on forever
from the bottom of the pits of unerasable memories
somewhere those twisted dolls will
someday come together for a meeting


―doko made mo.

―as far as it takes.


bohyou ni kizanda katsute no nakigara
sou shite hitori dake iki nagaraetemo
kioku to natte nokori tsudzukeru kagiri
kanarazu doko ka de sagashi dasareru

A former dead man that engraved into tombstones
despite having lived long all alone like that
as long as the memories continue to remain
they’ll be on the hunt, out somewhere



―with no chance of escape.


kurayami no mukou kara
hohutta hazu no katamari ga
sono mi no moto e to ima te o nobashite

From beyond the darkness
the cluster of phantasms that ought to have been slaughtered
now reach out their hands towards that body’s place


―aa, inochi tori.

―Ah, life taking.

さあ こっちへおいで みんなでキミを呼んでいたんだ

saa kocchi e oide minna de kimi o yondeita n da

Come now, over this way, everyone together has been calling for you

さあ 手の鳴る方へ 何も怖くなんかないからね

saa te no naru hou e nani mo kowaku nanka nai kara ne

Come now, to the sound of my hands, there’s nothing to be scared of after all

さあ こっちへおいで みんながキミを待っているんだ

saa kocchi e oide minna ga kimi o matteiru n da

Come now, over this way, everyone is waiting for you

さあ 手の鳴る方へ キミだけ仲間はずれになんてしないからね

saa te no naru hou e kimi dake nakama hazure ni nante shinai kara ne

Come now, to the sound of my hands, you’re the only one I won’t leave out after all


sono te o totte ai no kokuhaku o
sore ka arui wa kono mama chikai o kawasou
suteta hou wa tatoe wasureta toshitemo
suterareta hou wa towa ni wasure wa shinai to

To take your hand and a confession of love
That, or otherwise let us exchange our vows like this
If we say that you forget things that you throw away
then being thrown away is something you will never forget



―don’t you understand?


shoujikimono no nagori ga
tsuyoi kizuna ni ura utarete
naka yoshi no gensou ni zutto sugatte wa

The remains of the honest men are
struck from behind by their delusions of strong bonds
To always cling to the fantasy of getting along is


―aa, inochi tori.

―ah, life taking.

さあ もどっておいで
僕らが   を忘れるもんか

saa modotte oide
bokura ga omae o wasureru mon ka

Go now, turn back and go
As if we would ever forget you

さあ この手を取って このすばらしい楽園へ

saa kono te o totte kono subarashii rakuen e

Come now, take my hand, we’re off towards a wonderful paradise

さあ もどっておいで
僕らが   を手放すもんか

saa modotte oide
bokura ga omae o tebanasu mon ka

Go now, turn back and go
As if we would ever let go of you

さあ この手を取って

saa kono te o totte
douse kaeru basho wa koko shika nai n dakara ne

Come now, take this hand
there’s nowhere for us to return to but here after all

誰よりも大事に思っていたんだよ わかってよ。

nee, boku dake wa, kimi no koto.
dare yori mo daiji ni omotteita n da yo wakatte yo.
ima nara kitto, ieru kana.
kondo koso, owaranai, ningyou asobi o, hajimeyou!

Hey, I’m the only one, that had thought of you.
As more precious than anyone else, know that.
I wonder if surely now, I can say it.
This time around, it won’t end, let us begin, the toy theater!


―saa, tsukamaeta.

―Look, I caught you.

さあ 一緒に行こう

saa issho ni ikou
mou ichido minna de yari naosou

Come, let’s go together
Let’s do it over with everyone one more time

さあ 一緒に帰ろう

saa issho ni kaerou
doko demo zutto issho dakara ne

Come, let’s go home together
we’ll always be together after all

さあ こっちへおいで

saa kocchi e oide
nani mo kowaku nanka nai darou?

Come now, over this way
there’s nothing to be scared of is there?

さあ 一緒になろう

saa issho ni narou
shinda tte owari ni nante naranai n dakara ne

Come now, let’s be together
being dead doesn’t mean that it’s the end after all

絶対 離れないから

zettai hanarenai kara
saigo ni bokura ga toku o suru n da

Because I absolutely won’t leave
in the end we’ll come out ahead

絶対 逃がさないから

zettai nigasanai kara
kou shite saigo ni wa happy end e

Because I absolutely won’t let you escape
in doing this we head towards the final act, a happy end

絶対 離さないから

zettai hanasanai kara
kono rakuen kara nigasanai yo

Because I absolutely won’t let go
I won’t let you escape from this paradise


suteki na hakaba de kurasou yo

Let’s live in this lovely graveyard, Gensokyo


okaeri, rakuen e!

Welcome home, to paradise!


okaeri, gensoukyou e