F to bloodstain

Ranko x Luna Dial arrangements are always the best. Check out Clockup Flowers by Shibayan too, that’s a great one. Back to the track at hand though, this song would seem to be about Sakuya before she was taken in by the Scarlet household, as evidenced by her talking about not being loved or accepted, and how she just then discovered that her new power was magic. It could also be taken as Sakuya being used as a mere tool by Remilia, if you were to think of the “that” as fate and such. God only knows what “F” means in this, but it’s definitely in a state of being unstained with blood.

★ Title: F to bloodstain
☆ Album: 虹色パレット
★ Album Artist: Color&Color
☆ Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
★Lyrics and arrangment: RD-Sounds
☆ Original Title: Luna Clock ~ Luna Dial (月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル)
★ Website: http://colorcolor.sakura.ne.jp/

(On my sleeve, It’s my fate. It gives me a reason.
I drive my soul and whole my world.)


kono te no nibui kagayaki o nigiri shime
subete o some ageyou.

I’ll firmly grasp this dull gleam in my hand
I shall stain everything, all of it.


watashi no kono karada o
kizutsukeru mono nado ari wa shinai.

There’s nothing that exists
that’ll wound this here body of mine


kono sekai ni oite, watashi wa tada hitotsu subete de aru kara.

Because, here in this world, I am one and all.


fukou wa, tsuki no terasu “kyouki” no hibiki.

Misfortune is an echo of the “deadly weapon” the moon shines on.


watashi ni ada nasu koto wa
seizon houki no tameshi ni soui nai.

To become a foe of mine
is no different than an attempt to abandon your life


naze nara,
kono sekai ni oite, watashi wa tada hitotsu subete de aru kara.

If you ask why,
it’s because, here in this world, I am one and all.


“sore” ni tokka saseru goto ni.
shikou wa shuusoku sasete.
soshite, mata, sono kachi wa surihette, kihaku ni.

With each cause of specialization in “that”.
My thoughts create a resolution.
And then, again, the value of that is reduced, to near nothing.


anata no jikan mo watashi no mono…
tsumari wa, kachime wa, nai. to shiru ga ii.

Your time as well belongs to me…
To sum it up, your chance to win, is zilch. You had best know.


hiiro no hana o sakaseru ga gotoku.
saigo no ayatsuri tooru watashi ga kurou.

Just like making a scarlet flower bloom.
My final 《maid secret technique》 manipulation, is what I shall refer to.


sono mi o some ageyou.
ibitsu na hodo ni utsukushiku, sono iro, akaku azayaka ni.

Let us stain that body of yours.
To the point of being twisted, beautifully, in scarlet, vivid fresh blood.


furi kireta furiko sanagara ni.
subete no 「F」 o nuri tsubuse.

Just like a pendulum that’s made a full cycle.
I’ll smear out the entire “F”.


jikan o tometemo.
mirai o chijimetemo.

Even if I stop time.
Even if shorten the future.


watashi wa, watashi kara nogarerarezu ni.

I am unable to escape from who I am, “a most detested being”.


watashi no kono okonai ni
imi o motomeru koto ni imi wa nai.

There’s no point to seeking
a meaning in these deeds I carry out.


ikudo no, hensen no hate, sore o sagasu koto ni kachi o nakushita kara.

Because you see, the end of countless transitions, I got rid of the value in searching for that.


“sore” ni katamukeru goto ni.
shikou wa tanjunka shite.
soshite, mata, sono imi wa suri hette, hisen ni.

With each concentration on “that”.
My thoughts become simple.
And then, again, the meaning, the dignity of that is reduced, to lowliness.


anata no jikan mo watashi no mono…
mochi uru, inochi no subete o tsukai hatase.

Your time as well belongs to me…
It’s possible for me possess, now waste away all your remaining life.


seichi na obuje o tsukuru ga gotoku.
saigo no satsujin tooru watashi ga yarou.

Just like creating a fine work of art.
The final 《maid secret technique》 killing, is what I shall perform.


「subete ga F」 de wa, shirosugiru kara.
dareshimo himeru utsukushiki sono iro o soete miseru no da.

Because with “everything an F”, it’s much too white.
I’ll decorate with the beautiful colour everyone hides within


kui chigatta haguruma, sanagara ni
subete no 「F」 o nuri tsubuse.

Just like gears running against each other
I’ll smear out all the “F”.


dare mo uke irezu, dare mo aisezu ni.
…yue ni, sorera wa, sore ijou no mono de wa nai.

Nobody will accept me, nobody will give love.
…Therefore, as for them, they’re nothing any greater.


arui wa, kore koso ga.
…kitto, mahou nano da.

Perhaps, this is it.
…Surely, this is magic.


kono sode ni kakageru doori ni, subete o some ageyou.

In accordance with what’s hiding up my sleeve, I shall stain everything.


kono te no nibui kagayaki o nigiri shime,
subete no 「F」 o, nuri tsubuse.

I’ll firmly grasp this dull gleam in my hand
I’ll smear out the all the “F”.