Lemures Prelude

Requested by Flaemes, and as for the title of the song:

Notes: While 「はち切れそうな気持ちが溢れそう」 would translate more literally to “Feelings that seem like they’ll burst seem like they’ll overflow,” that sentence sounds really sloppy in English, so I figured the translation I have in place now sounds better while retaining most of the meaning.

★ Title: Lemures Prelude
☆ Album: Spectral Rejection
★ Album Artist: EastNewSound
☆ Vocals: Hotaru Murasaki (紫咲ほたる)
★ Lyrics: Kumarisu (くまりす)
☆ Arrangement: Kirin (きりん)
★ Original Titles: Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble (幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble)
☆ Website: http://www.e-ns.net/

朝早く目覚めて 読みかけの本閉じて
昨日から始めた 書き損ねた日記帳
窓開けて差し込む 太陽に手を振って

asa hayaku mezamete yomi kake no hon tojite
kinou kara hajimeta kaki sokoneta nikkichou
mado akete sashikomu taiyou ni te o futte

I wake up early in the morning, and close the book I began to read
The diary I started yesterday, I missed my chance to write
I open the window and wave my hand to the sun that shines in


arifureta nichijou no pureryuudo

This is the prelude of just an ordinary day

だから好きだよ プリズム透かした様で

sore wa totemo suteki na dare mo shiranai koto
dakara suki da yo purizumu sukashita you de

It’s something very lovely that nobody knows about
That’s why I love it, it’s like a prism held to light


are mo kore mo poketto ni tsume konde
hachi kiresou na kimochi ga afuresou

This and that too, I stuff into my pocket
It feels as if my feelings are filled to the point of being about to overflow


yumemi gokochi na hana ni namae tsukete
dare yori hayaku watashi ni todokete

I give a name to a dreamy flower
It won’t reach anyone faster than me


sora ni mau tori no you ni sunao ni naru
mizu o tadayou no you ni kirei de towa e

I’ll be honest just like birds fluttering in the sky
Just like fish drifting through water, towards eternity with grace


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