Ahh, I’ve been looking forward to this song since I first heard it the preview, I’m in love with it. Haruka’s lyrics are depressing, but I love them anyways.

☆ Title: DAYS
★Album: CLOUD 9
☆ Album Artist: Alstroemeria Records
★ Vocals: ayame
☆ Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
★Lyrics: Haruka
☆ Original Title: Days
★ Website:

夢を見ていたい なにも見れなかった
君が問いかけた なにか不満だった

yume o miteitai nani mo mirenakatta
kimi ga toi kaketa nani ka fuman datta

I’ve wanted to have this dream, but I couldn’t dream a thing
You began to question me, if I was discontent about something

終わることだけを 考えていた日
君がいてくれてた あの夜に
始まりを知った まだ出来ることを

owaru koto dake o kangaeteita hi
kimi ga ite kureteta ano yoru ni
hajimari o shitta mada dekiru koto o
susumanu toki no mama

On the day when I could only think about how things would end
you had been there for me, and on that night
I came to know about beginnings, something I could still have
as time remained frozen

眠れ 温もり感じたまま眠れ
やがて 薄れる傷さえ愛しさに
眠れ 涙は朝には消えている
そんな 私の最初の日

nemure nukumori kanjita mama nemure
yagate usureru kizu sae itoshisa ni
nemure namida wa asa ni wa kieteiru
sonna watashi no saisho no hi

I sleep, I felt a warmth as I sleep
Before long, even my dim scars came to be beautiful
I sleep, with my tears disappearing in the morning
That was the first day for that kind of me

夢が見れなくて もっと見てたかった
君が消えかけた これが不安だった

yume ga mirenakute motto mitetakatta
kimi ga kie kaketa kore ga fuan datta

As I wasn’t able to have the dream, I just wanted it even more
You were on the brink of death, this was what I was anxious of

終わりがあるから 始まりもあると
君が言ってくれた はずなのに
なにもないじゃない もういないじゃない

owari ga aru kara hajimari mo aru to
kimi ga itte kureta hazu nanoni
nani mo nai janai mou inai janai
susumanu toki no mama

“Because we have endings, we also have beginnings”
you had taught that to me, but even with that
isn’t there just nothing? You’re already gone, aren’t you?
As time remains frozen

眠れ 涙を流したまま眠れ
やがて わすれる愛しい人さえも
眠れ 涙は朝には消えている
そんな 貴方の最後の日

nemure namida o nagashita mama nemure
yagate wasureru itoshii hito sae mo
nemure namida wa asa ni wa kieteiru
sonna anata no saigo no hi

You sleep, you shed all your tears as you sleep
Before long, you’ll forget about even your beloved
You sleep, with your tears disappearing in the morning
That was the final day for you…


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