Whoa, spent much longer than I thought I’d need to on this one. It had some pretty tough lines in it, I thought this song was a bit beyond what I could do before I started. I’m not all too familiar with the characters of DDC, so I can’t really offer much input on meanings or anything here this time.

★ Title: Wan~椀~
☆ Album: バチ
★ Album Artist: Sally (サリー)
☆ Vocals: Chata (茶太)
★ Lyrics: shuriken
☆ Arrangement: NSY
★ Original Title: Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess (耀く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess)
☆ Website: http://sally.dojin.com/

野に一条 渡る川より

no ni hitosuji wataru kawa yori
kocchi yo oide
hyouryuusha o yobi yose

Rather than the river extending across the plain
come over this way instead
I call out for the drifters

心を食み 枯れ切った頃に

kokoro o hami karekitta koro ni
yami wazurai netsu o obite

Back when I ate my heart and withered up
sick with malady, I wore a fever

離れる 流れる
滝は雨 泣いた雨

hanareru nagareru
aragaenai koto bakari
taki wa ame naita ame
kegareta mi o soide sora

Drifting away, streaming away
nothing but going with the flow
Waterfalls of rain, the sky cried down rain
chipping away at my polluted body

怒りを裂け夜ら 癒えるものか
願いの族 小人である

ikari o sake yora ieru mono ka
negai no zoku kobito de aru

The nights cleave up anger, like hell I’ll be healed
in this clan of wishers, as a Kobito

時 遥かに 肖像画の人はと

kamishibai no tsuzuki o himete
toki haruka ni shouzouga no hito wa to

“When you hide the sequel to the paper picture story
far off in time, what about the people in the portrait?”

問いかければ 知らぬと応え
もういいよ おいで あれは君

toikakereba shiranu to kotae
mou ii yo oide are wa kimi

If that question is asked, “I don’t know” is the response
Don’t worry about it, come now, that there is you

降りやめ 閉じた雨
錆びた雨 黴びた雨
打ちつけた 彩り坂

furi yame tojita ame
hitaru hodo ni michite mata
sabita ame kabita ame
uchitsuketa irodori saka

The rain that closed, that stopped pouring
grows again to the point where I’m soaked
The rusted rain, the moldy rain
beat down against the hill’s colours


tsuki butou wa yoake made no utage
jinari komaru

The moon’s dance is a party up until dawn
I’m confined to the ground’s rumbles


tsumi kireta kai?
sonna oni no otoshimono o

Did I pack it with me?
The lost property of that oni


dashi kaze ba ni naare
tsugi no yo e to wataru nara
maikaze ba ni naare
moshimo sore o nozomu nara

It’ll become a place of rushing wind
if I cross into the next world
It’ll turn to dancing razor wind
if I were to wish it so


mitsukete no koe wa soko ni ita ka
misogi no hari

Was the voice I found really there?
In that purification needle

光を刺せ夜ら 褒美の実とは

hikari o sase yo ra houbi no mi to wa
sono hi o kou inori de aru

The light piercing nights, the fruit of their reward is
begging for that day, as a prayer