Status Update

One of my all time favourite tracks ^


Whew, what a month it’s been. Things have really been growing around here lately! I’m really surprised at how many visits and views I’ve gotten this month. Of course, I have to thank those who have requested songs too! When I started this place, I decided I’d try my best to post a translation a day, and you’ve all helped a lot! I started translating lyrics with the goal to help people, and it looks like this goal is starting to really reach its potential. 12 requests this month, what a number! I’m really behind on adding entries to the touhou wiki though, and I need to catch up on adding romaji to older lyrics too. On top of that, I’ve been putting some work into an “About Learning Japanese” page, which will cover a lot of resources I’ve used in learning. I hope people will find it helpful!

Let’s see, what else did I have to say? Well, it feels like with each song I translate, I get a little better. Finding better ways to put things to English, getting more and more used to the ways songs are worded, learning new vocabulary and kanji, etc. In the beginning, it used to be pretty tough figuring out stuff sometimes, but I’m getting used to it now.

That being said, I’m really anticipating Reitaisai 11. If Alstroemeria Records comes out with another album with a brand new set of tracks, then will come the test I’ve been waiting for. During last Comiket, I had tried my hand at Maniacal Degree from Decade of Expose, and while I did somewhat well, I did make some.. dumb mistakes and bad wording choices, as well as overlooked the context a little, but now, this time, I’m ready!  The popularity of Alstroemeria gives me a lot of potential to bring along new folks to the site, so I’m going to have to do my best and get to them before anyone else!


Thanks for keeping with me! Until next time.


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