doom and gloom

Requested by Primity, lets see: Having to repeat a fate over and over, despite knowing it’ll end badly? I’m somewhat reminded of Homura.

Notes: I felt somewhat unsatisfied with my translation here, as you might have noticed from my many edits since I posted. The song seems more clear in the second half, but it woulda been really nice to have some pre-established context to work from this time around. It seems that here, the singer has an opposing force. The singer wants the opposing force to give up her evil ways, as evidenced by “Your eyes, body, and heart burn red | Release it into this blue sky.” Maybe it’s a friend, and that’s who the speaker is fighting to save. This song was somewhat tough, I had to rely a lot on the “this”s and “that”s for perspective, who the speech was aimed at here, which can be pretty vague at times. After relistening countless times, I think I’ve got it down though.

★ Title: doom and gloom
☆ Album: SIN
★ Album Artist: Primary
☆ Vocals and lyrics: yuiko
★ Arrangement: Meis Clauson
☆ Website:



sotto hajimatta monogatari wa
nando mo watashi o ayatsutteita

The story that started so gently
has manipulated me many times

悲しみに溢れ 泣いているから

sono tabi inotta
kono sekai wa kitto
kanashimi ni afure naiteiru kara

Each time I prayed
was because this world was surely
crying, overflowed with sadness

また繰り返すのだろう 人のあやまちを
たった一つの願いも このカラダのように
灰となって 消えてしまうだけ

mata kuri kaesu no darou hito no ayamachi o
sono unmei o tadoru you ni
tatta hitotsu no negai mo kono karada no you ni
hai to natte kiete shimau dake

I’ll have to repeat the mistakes of mankind again won’t I?
In order to follow that fate

Even my single desire, just like this body,
will just turn to ash and disappear

その声はいつも 聞こえていた

sono koe wa itsumo kikoeteita
watashi no yuku beki michi o tsugeta

I could always hear that voice
it told me which path I should take

“今度こそは”強く 願いながら

sono tabi sakenda
kono te o furi age
“kondo koso wa” tsuyoku negai nagara

Each time I shouted out
I raised my hands up high
while wishing strongly “This time, I’ll definitely…”

この悲しみの果てに 何が見えるだろう
また同じ結末が 待っているのなら
この運命は 何故繰り返すのか

kono kanashimi no hate ni nani ga mieru darou
chiisa na koe de tsubuyaitemo
mata onaji ketsumatsu ga matteiru no nara
kono unmei wa naze kurikaesu no ka

At the edge of this sorrow, what do you think I’ll see?
Even though I mutter with a small voice
If the same ending really is waiting for me again
why is this fate repeating?

もう何度目だろう この階段
昇りきれば また終わるだけだ
最期をわかっているのに ただ

mou nandome darou kono kaidan
nobori kireba mata owaru dake da
saigo o wakatteiru noni tada
kono mi wa doushite ugoku no?

How many times has it been already?
If I scale these stairs it’ll just end again
I understand my final moments so why
does my body keep on moving?

赤く燃える その瞳を 躰を 心を
またわたしは始める 同じ運命を
気高い思いだけは 失くさないままで
何度でも 手を振り上げるのだろう

akaku moeru sono me o karada o kokoro o
kono aozora ni toki hanatte
mata watashi wa hajimeru onaji unmei o
kawaru koto nai ketsumatsu demo
kedakai omoi dake wa nakusanai mama de
nando demo te o furi ageru no darou

Your eyes, body, and heart burn red
Release it into this blue sky
Once again I start the same old fate
Even though the ending won’t change
the one thing I won’t lose are my high hopes
no matter how many times it takes I’ll raise my arms up high


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