Forget the lie

I kinda rushed on this one, I’ve been beyond tired today. I’ve been trying to improve my lyric analysis skills lately, so lets see, what can I say about this one? A girl gets betrayed and stops acknowledging his existence, not wanting to forgive, and the guy tries to gain back her trust. She realizes she needs him, and so “forgets the lie”? That sounds about right.

★ Title: Forget the lie
☆ Album: Live A-Round
★ Album Artist: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆ Vocals: Mei Ayakura(綾倉盟)
★ Arrangement: Poplica*
☆ Lyrics: SHIKI
★ Original Title: Love of Magical Chimes (魔法鐘愛)



nee oshiete
egao no ura
kono me no naka
anata ga inai

Hey, let me know
what’s behind your smile
Within these eyes
you have no presence


shizumi yuku shizukesa oborete
ao no naka de nemuri tsudzukeyou
kono sei ga kare hateru made

Drowning in this sinking silence
lets continue to sleep deep in this indigo
until our lives expire

You forget the lie 私だけに
You forget the lie あなただけは

You forget the lie watashi dake ni
yurusaretai no nara subete
tataki tsuketa kotoba no riyuu sae
You forget the lie anata dake wa
futari no sora wasurenai de
sakebi goe fukaku shizumu awa no you na himitsu no yubikiri

You forget the lie, if the only person
you want to be forgiven by is me, then give me everything
even the reason you threw all those words around
You forget the lie
at least without forgetting our sky
Your shouts deeply sink down – A pinky promise like foam


nee wasurete
namida no ato
kasanaru yume
semete kono mama

Come on and forget
the tear streaks
Dreaming and dreaming
no more than this


ukande wa nagasare samayoi
nakushita kagi tozashita tobira mo
mitsukete kureta anata dake

What floats comes to roam as it flows around
I’ve lost the key, and the door is locked
The only one to help me find it was you

I forget the lie あなたの為
I forget the lie 真実なら

I forget the lie anata no tame
shinjita subete o sutetemo
kowakunai yo hitori no yoru mo ima
I forget the lie shinjitsu nara
futari no kodou kanji atte
kimi no koe tooku hibiku uso no you na saigo no yubikiri

I forget the lie, for your sake
even if I throw away everything I believed
I fear nothing, not even lonely nights, right now
I forget the lie, if this is reality
We’ll come together and feel our hearts beat
A final pinky promise just like a lie from your ringing, distant voice