Current State of Affairs

Translating is real fun and all, but it’s not the easiest to find songs that still require translating (Or maybe I`m just not looking hard enough). After I’m done with Infinity Asterisk and maybe some more of Zytokine’s stuff, I’ll be all out of songs on my to-do list until some full openings from anime are released, so my posting pace might slow down a little.

After coming across a few sentences that I really had to think about, I think it’s about time I start formally studying again. I’m fairly confident in my grammar, though review wouldn’t hurt, and I only know about 2000 words in Japanese off-hand, which really isn’t much.  Would be pretty nice if there was such thing as Japanese classes in any universities near me, but alas, I`m stuck self-teaching forever it seems.

For anyone else learning a language by themselves, I highly recommend the website How it works is, as well as correcting foreign speakers`english (or whatever native language you do know), you also write little journal entries to be corrected by native speakers! I should probably put that link along down the sidebar.

Thanks for keeping with me! Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Current State of Affairs

  1. Kafka referred me here! he put up a link to this website on his Twitter a little while ago, so I have to thank him for that. and I’d like to also thank you for the work you put into translating. while translating can be fun, it can also be difficult and time-consuming at times.

    anyways, I have a request. can you please translate Maikaze’s “Kanon?” the lyrics (and a video of the song) can be found here:

    thanks again for translating. just as I look forward to Kafka’s translations, I will also look forward to yours as well, so please do your best and good luck!

    • Not a problem, I’m glad Kafka gave me that shout out, and thank you for checking my place out!

      As for the request, I’ll get started on that right away. I don’t think I’ve seen a song with so much classical Japanese before though, this might be a little tough!

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