I don’t understand romanization sometimes, why is it called Tohno over Toono?

★  Title: aqua star
☆ Album: Blossom
★ Album Artist: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆ Vocals and lyrics: Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟)
★ Arrangement: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆ Original Title: Forest of Tohno (遠野の森)


見て あんたに降る
空 星屑 僕らも
そう 那由多へ溶けただ たゆたう
あの 瞬いた星
隙間 きら きら きら
あぁ 息を止めて離さないで
あぁ 解けていく想いが二人
あぁ いつかくる奇跡信じて
今 この想い夜空へ駆けて行く

mite anta ni furu
sora hoshikuzu bokura mo
sou nayuta e toke tada tayutau
ano matataita hoshi
too sugite
kasaneta te kara nozoku
sukima kira kira kira
aa iki o tomete hanasanai de
aa tokete iku omoi ga futari
aa itsuka kuru kiseki shinjite
ima kono omoi yozora e kakete yuku

Look, I am falling for you
The sky, stardust, and us as well are, yes
melting into millions of pieces and just drifting afloat
That star that twinkled  so bright
is out of our reach
Stacking together our hands and peeking through
The gap was sparkling, sparkling, sparkling
Ah, you take my breath away, please always stay with me
Ah, my cleared up thoughts are of us
hugging together
Ah, I believe that someday a miracle will come
Right now, these thoughts are  taking off into the night sky

ほら 確かな 愛

hora tashika na ai

Look, a definite love

The booklet says “anna”, while the singer clearly says “anta”!

Weird, in many parts of the booklet the song is referred to as simply “aqua”.