Swear by God

 Ahh, what was I gonna say here again? I can’t seem to remember now. Deeper voiced vocals are nice too though. This theme is from the newest Touhou installment, though due to my laptop’s graphic chip’s specs that many would never believe to see in this day and age,  I still haven’t played it. My danmaku skills have probably become rusty, I haven’t really played in a long time now.

★ Title: Swear by God
☆ Album: Infinity Asterisk
★ Album Artist: Amateras Records
☆ Vocals and lyrics: Hotaru (ほたる)
★ Arrangement: Tracy
☆ Original Title: Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess  (耀く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess)
★ Website: http://amateras-records.com/


あてもなく続く道 いつか描いた未来へ

ate mo naku tsudzuku michi itsuka egaita mirai e
tadori tsukeru to yume o misete hoshii no

Walking down this winding road, someday leading the way to my destiny
If I’m able to make it, I want you to show me my dreams

星屑の中 彷徨い求める

ookiku nareba otona ni nareru
sonna fuu ni omotteita kedo
watashi wa ima demo kodomo no mama
hoshikuzu no naka samayoi motomeru

When I grow up I’ll become an adult
That’s all I ever thought about
Although to this day I’m still just a child
wandering the midst of stardust, seeking

二度と踏めない足跡 噛みしめて行く

nido to fumenai ashiato kami shimete iku
kinou ga warai kaketemo me o tojiru no

Nevermore can I follow these footprints, they’ll only come back to bite
Even though the past smiles at me, I still would rather close my eyes


zetsubou to hajimari o ikutsu mo kuri kaeshiteta
uchinomesareru tabi ni ii kikaseru no

Cycling near endlessly from despair to new beginnings
During each difficult time, I would simply tell everyone off


omoi wa meguri onore ni kaeru
kokoro no yami sae modotte kuru
sono daishou o fukaku dakishime
kyou o asu ni tsunagete miseru to

Thoughts keep on circling, always finding their way to me
Even the darkness in my heart comes back
and I cling deeply to my compensation
“I’ll show you how to connect today to tomorrow..”

誓いを刻む 共に生きていくことを

chikai o kizamu tomo ni ikite iku koto o
sou kimeta kara dare ni mo jama sasenai

I set in stone that someday we will together live together
My decision has been made, I won’t let anyone get in the way

二度と踏めない足跡 噛みしめて行く

nido to fumenai ashiato kami shimete iku
tatoe kono saki jigoku ga matteitemo

Nevermore can I follow these footprints, they’ll only come back to bite
no matter if what awaits me is even the very depths of Hell itself

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