Forutune Rest | Fortune Rest

From the Kantai Collection. Many people say they like it when the bass drops, but I’ll take a treble raise anyday. The official website says the title is “Forutune Rest”, but that kind of seems like a error. Maybe it’s not, who knows?

★ Title: Forutune Rest
☆ Lyrics, composition and arrangement: 56
★ vocals: Senya
☆ Album: Megami no Kuchidzuke wo (女神の口づけを)
★ Album artist: Yuuhei Katharsis (幽閉カタルシス)
☆ Image Source:
★ Original Title: Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku’s Image Song (正規空母 瑞鶴イメージソング)
☆ Website:


海は広く 空は遠くて
何処かにきっと あなたも居た
叶うならば 傍で眠りたい

kaeru basho ga mou nakutemo
umi wa hiroku sora wa tookute
doko ka ni kitto anata mo ita
kanau naraba soba de nemuritai

Even though we have no place to go home to
the seas are vast, and the skies are far
Anywhere that we go, surely you were also there
For my wish to come true, I want to sleep your side

拙いこの指先 導いてくれた意味は…
「daijoubu da yo kitto」
kake dashi no watashi mitsuke
tsutanai kono yubisaki michibiite kureta imi wa…

“It’s going to be alright, certainly”
Look at me running off
The meaning that you helped lead us with now rests in these clumsy fingertips…

加速した日々 燃える 過去さえも

kasoku shita hibi moeru kako sae mo
tatakau imi mo shiranu mama

These accelerated days heat me up, as well as the past
without even knowing what it means to fight

一人だけの 部屋は広くて
何処かにきっと あなたも居る

kaeru basho ga mada attemo
hitori dake no heya wa hirokute
doko ka ni kitto anata mo iru
koko de wa nai doko ka de nemutteru

Even if we still had a place to go home to
a room for one still feels spacious enough
Surely out there somewhere, you are also out there
sleeping somewhere that isn’t here

強がりに頼って 気付かないふりをしてた

「daijoubu da yo」 to itte
kizu o kakushita koto mo
tsuyogari ni tayotte kidzukanai furi o shiteta

Saying “It’s going to be alright”
while also hiding all of my scars
Depending on bravado, pretending not to have noticed anything

南の空へ翔ける 鳥たちは

minami no sora e kakeru tori tachi wa
kaeru basho mo shirasarezu

Soaring off to southern skies, the birds migrate
also not knowing what it’s like to have a home

いつの日にか また出会えたら
笑い合って 手を取り合って…

itsu no hi ni ka mata de aetara
warai atte te o tori atte…

One of these days, when we can meet again
we’ll smile at each other, and take each other’s hands…

海は広く 空は遠くて
何処かにきっと 私も居る
それはきっと 安らかな幸運

kaeru basho ga mou nakutemo
umi wa hiroku sora wa tookute
doko ka ni kitto watashi mo iru
sore wa kitto yasuraka na kou un

Even though we have no place to go home to
the seas are vast, and the skies are far
Surely out there somewhere, I will be there too
That is undoubtedly a restful fortune

2 thoughts on “Forutune Rest | Fortune Rest

  1. Damn I was looking to english lyrics of this arrange for a long time since it’s one of the most popular video and arrange in my channel. Now going to add english lyrics. Thanks for the translation and keep up with the good work as always and thanks for providing english translation for this vocal arrange <3!

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