I ended up translating this one without realizing there was already a current translation on the touhou wiki. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I did a better job!

★ Title: candle
☆ Album: Avidya
★ Album Artist: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆ Lyrics and vocals: Tsubaki Ichimatsu (市松椿)
★ Arrangement: Syrufit (Studio “Syrup Comfiture”)
☆ Original Title: Love-Coloured Master Spark (恋色マスタースパーク)



yasashiku tadoru yubi
shiroku sen o egaku
hoodzue tsuita ude
hosoku hakanai mono

This gently tracing finger
draws up blank lines
I rested my head on my arms
These are simply momentary things

ゆらり ろうそくの灯
満ちる月 合図に
さあ 最後の 言葉を告げましょう

yurari rousoku no hi
michiru tsuki aizu ni
saa saigo no kotoba o tsugemashou

The swaying of the candlelight
as seen in the signs of the full moon
Come now, lets send out our final words

歪めて 刻んで 壊して 奪った

yugamete kizande kowashite ubatta
anata no kokoro wa kirei de shita

Distorted, carved up, destroyed and stole away
all of this your heart did with grace

歪んで 砕けて 集めて 汚れた

yugande kudakete atsumete yogoreta
watashi no kokoro wa kuchite yuku no

Bent and then smashed, gathered back up and soiled again
my heart is going to decay

罪ばかり重ね 重ねて 犯して
手に入れたものは 手放すから

tsumi bakari kasane kasanete oka shite
te ni ireta mono wa tebanasu kara

Committed crimes keep piling up into a heap made up of sin
ever since I lost what was once had

さよなら あなたの 翼で ここから 自由に 飛び立てるでしょう

sayonara anata no tsubasa de koko kara jiyuu ni tobi tateru deshou

This is goodbye, with your wings you can just.. fly off to freedom, can’t you?

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